Daily DeFi Watchlist: ADEL, AKRO, LEND, AAVE, CVP

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As the cryptocurrency industry resumes its previous uptrend, the potential for profit increases exponentially. As far as DeFi tokens are concerned, some solid progress can be noted across the board. Several assets have shown an increase in value already, with more likely to come. 

ADEL (Akropolis Delphi)

It is only the second time this DeFi asset makes the watchlist, but it shows a lot of potential for value appreciation. Just like the previous time, ADEL’s value has increased in value by a steep amount. Recording a 30.8% gain on the day is a good way to kick off this watchlist. It is important to remember this token hit an all-time low 11 days ago.

AKRO (Akropolis)

Tied into the same ecosystem, the AKRO token is the native asset of the broader Akropolis project. People appear to appreciate this DeFi token as well, resulting in a 24.3% price increase over the past 24 hours. Now that one AKRO is valued above $0.01 – with a maximum supply of 4 billion – its market cap remains fairly low. Returning to the all-time high of $0.061677 seems virtually impossible. However, one never knows what the future may bring. 

LEND (Old Aave Token)

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It is remarkable to note how the old DeFi token for Aave – called LEND – is still appreciating in value today. No one would expect a 16.6% price increase, considering how this token can be swapped to AAVE with relative ease. In fact, this swap is best completed early on if one wants to partake in staking. For now, LEND is likely to reach a new all-time high, which is rather strange. 

CVP (PowerPool Concentrated Voting Power)

Last week, we briefly mentioned CVP on the DeFi watchlist thanks to its strong gains, Today is another day with decent progress in the price department. A 14.8% increase in value is more than respectable, although it leaves room for more. At its current valuation, it is still down by 81.3% compared to the all-time high. A risky investment either way, but that goes for most tokens in the DeFi space. 

AAVE (new Aave Token)

It is possible that speculators try to take advantage of the rising AAVE value to scoop up some cheaper LEND in the process. At a conversion rate of 100:1 for LEND to AAVE, there is no real profit to be made with current prices. This is partially thanks to AAVE gaining 14.4% in value. It is inching closer to that all-time high of $82.34, which was recorded 10 days ago. 

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