Daily Crypto Market Sentiment: Strong Gains for HOT, DOGE, and XLM

CryptoMode Daily Market Recap Cryptocurrencies

It has been a very interesting day for all cryptocurrency markets. A lot of projects keep moving up, whereas others are noting a completely different market trend. Statistics are provided by CoinGecko and LunarCRUSH

Top Market: Holo (HOT)

The top gainer of the day – percentage-wise – is Holo. A strong 23.2% increase has been recorded for the day, pushing its market cap to $126 million once again. This trend is very remarkable, as HOT reached an all-time low on March 13 of this year. It has gained 218% since hitting that value. 

Looking at the social metrics, Holo isn’t doing that bad. It has a social volume of 472 in the past 24 hours. Of that volume. 442 interactions came on Twitter, which remains the most popular medium for all crypto discussions.

Continued Momentum: Dogecoin (DOGE)

Not too many people will be surprised to see the Dogecoin price surge continue for another day. The coin is up by 94% in the past seven days, yet it seems that there is no stopping the momentum as of yet. Reaching $0.01 again may remain a dream, for the time being, although one never really knows. 

Social media is abuzz with Dogecoin-related talks over the past 24 hours. A total of 33,720 interactions have been recorded with 29.814 of those occurring on Twitter. The Dogecoin Reddit is also active, and it seems as if TikTok is playing a role in this uptrend as well. 

Strong Riser: Stellar (XLM)

It has been a while since the Stellar price decided to do something crazy. This week, it notes a 33% gain, partially thanks to today’s surge of 15.9%. Whether this trend will be sufficient to push XLM above $0.1 again, is up for debate. Anything is possible in the crypto asset industry. 

Despite having a much higher market cap than Dogecoin, Stellar has far fewer social interactions. Just 1,754 mentions in the past day, with 1,407 of those happening on Twitter. Finding any Stellar-related discussions has become a lot more difficult in the past year, for some unknown reason. 

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