Cypher Protocol Victims Are Forced To Help Absorb The Losses

CryptoMode Cipher Protocol IDO Hack

Cypher Protocol fell prey to a malicious attack in a recent unsettling event. An unidentified entity exploited a smart contract loophole, walking away with over $1 million in cryptocurrency. The aftermath saw the platform and its ardent community desperately attempting damage control. Here’s a closer look at how Cypher Protocol grapples with the situation and what it means for its users.

Immediate Cypher Protocol Outreach Efforts Fall Flat

Post-attack, the protocol’s developers and its community went into overdrive. Their initial attempts at contact were through various social media channels and innovative NFT campaigns. However, their efforts were met with radio silence from the attacker’s end. This unresponsiveness led to a strategic shift in Cypher’s recovery approach.

Of the stolen amount, $600k tied to Cypher Protocol remains frozen on major CEXs, presumably Binance and KuCoin. The culprit’s trail indicates that these platforms were his primary transfer destinations. Plans are in place to reallocate these funds and any remaining assets to users, setting the stage for a subsequent IDO.

A Two-Pronged Recovery Approach

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Cypher’s immediate response was to introduce a pro rata redemption package. This initiative allows users to retrieve some of their assets retained on the platform. Due to a shortfall in assets caused by the breach, a system of “socialized losses” will be implemented.

The concept entails that, instead of a few bearing the colossal loss, the implications will be evenly spread across the board. That ensures a reduced individual impact. Notably absent, however, was any suggestion of the team absorbing a share of the loss despite their security shortcomings.

Before this pivotal step, Cypher will undergo rigorous audits by reputed firms, OtterSec and Mad Shield. These assessments will pave the way for the next phase: an Initial DEX Offering. The primary aim? Garnering sufficient funds to rebound from the setback.

Cypher promises to mint and distribute 50 million debt tokens to its loyal user base to incentivize participation. Should the platform regain footing, these tokens will allow holders to capitalize on future DEX earnings in USDC.

An Uncertain Future for Investors

The question remains: Will investors trust a platform once compromised by security inadequacies? If the IDO fails to captivate potential backers, there’s an inherent risk that prior investors may not recover their lost assets.

In the ever-evolving world of crypto, trust is paramount. As Cypher Protocol navigates these troubled waters, the broader crypto community watches closely, hopeful yet wary of the path ahead.

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