Curve Brings Google Pay Functionality to 14 Additional European Countries

CryptoMode Curve Wirecard

Popular banking outfit Curve continues to expand its presence in Europe. The bank’s native payment card now works with Google Pay in 14 countries, with more to be added in the future.

  • Users in 14 different European countries can now use their Curve card – either Mastercard or Visa version – in a contactless manner.
  • Initially available to the UK, the functionality through Google Pay now includes regions such as Belgium, Denmark, Spain, and Italy. 
  • Europe has noted a strong increase in mobile payments, and Curve is intent on driving adoption higher.
  • The banking outfit has a competitive edge over most major banks in Europe, as those don’t always support Google Pay.
  • Customers of such banks who own a Curve card can still enjoy all the benefits Google Pay provides at terminals, online, or in a contactless manner. 
  • This rollout can make payments simpler for millions of Europeans
  • Bringing contactless payments to those who normally can’t access it highlights the need for strong competition among financial service providers. 

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