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Cryptocurrency is becoming one of the biggest and hottest topics in the online world of finance. It is taking over as one of the coolest digital currencies for many online entertainment platforms. They are being introduced and enabled as futuristic digital resources to be used for long-term investment. To join the others in this wave of change, many online gambling websites have started to enable full use of these currencies on their websites. This, however, means that offering various cryptocurrencies on their system, will call for challenging events that might make it difficult to maintain good security protocol and entertainment value for the users. So, fair to say, scarcity of good quality online crypto casinos rises because of this. But it is also true that many top-quality online casinos have successfully offered the best value entertainment. This review is going to be about one of the exemplary crypto-based online casino that is currently reigning high on the gamblers’ list of favorites. 


CryptoGames is a Curacao-based fully online crypto casino. With just a few simple yet undeniably thoughtful details, it has become one of the highly recommended websites for crypto gambling. Each one of the elements of the casino has added up to its reputation as a leading crypto casino. Apart from all exclusively made games, the casino simultaneously offers top services to everyone through fine modern UI, highly engaging events, community, and worthy progressive jackpots. They also have introduced unmatched privileges for VIP membership holders and have slowly but steadily grown to match today’s fast-paced gambling industry. You can find the latest system for your account’s security, profitable and low house edges alongside 9 device-friendly games. It is also offering incredibly fast transaction systems for cryptocurrencies. Read through the brief introductions to get an idea about the games down below:

Know the Games: 

Every single game at the casino has been handpicked to carry enriched entertainment and lucrative payouts. They provide incredibly simple guidelines that help anyone to get a clear understanding of the game as quickly as possible. It also comes with great facilities for keyboard users. CryptoGames has built individual hotkeys for some of its games for faster game time. This means bets can be easily placed for using keyboard keys. With a great profit margin and a detailed manual of payout tables, the games become easy to understand. 


The game comes with a modern outlook, simple guidelines, and keyboard shortcuts making it as good as possible. In this one, the objective of the game is pretty straightforward. By rolling the dice correctly for either one of the two given conditions, the game can be played for any bet size. You must roll over or under the given numbers. The winning odds for Dice are between 0.000 to 99.999.  


The crypto version of the 5-reel game has both modern and classic take on the objective of the game. Its rewards for each round come if the players can form any one of the 7 winning combinations with 5 symbols. This way they can clear the objective of the game and take home whatever the payout combination offers. You can find out more about the winning combinations and the payout distribution in detail at the game’s homepage. Slot is currently offering a 49.73% chance of winning. The order of the symbols in the winning combinations does not matter. 


The game which most of us know as 21 is brought at CryptoGames with new digital and modern design. It has an auto bet feature that you can use for multiple bets’ settings. Winning against the casino’s dealer, without crossing 21 might be a little trickier than you may anticipate at times. This is actually what makes the game always so filled with thrill and excitement. In Blackjack, whoever scores 21 or the better hand without crossing 21 is declared as the winner. You get to form your best hand with Double Down, Surrender, or Split options. 


The crypto version comes with simplistic rules and a highly profitable payout margin. By making sure their neighbor bets are accurate and the positions where they have placed their betting chips on are all pretty strategic, the players can aim for a win each time. According to the payout table, players are compensated once their ball lands in a spot that also includes neighbor bets. 

Video Poker

Like the classic Poker game, Video Poker is easily one of the coolest casino games that have straightforward objectives from the top.  Forming a winning combination of 5 cards against the house dealer clears the game’s objective. CryptoGames has three versions for Video Poker, for the players. Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Tens or Better along with a fair chance of winning the Royal Flush. 


For all the fans of televised Plinko, CryptoGames’ version successfully continues to be the center of attraction for the players around the world. If, after dropping your chosen shade of ball from the top of a pegged pyramid, the ball directly falls into a payout slot at the bottom, then you get compensated according to the shade and the slot’s value. The game is played using 4 different shades of balls. The 4 shades individually carry 4 different house edges and payout amounts. 


Another classic but gracefully modernized crypto version of a computer game, Minesweeper. It is much easier than the original puzzle version. The version at the casino comes with options to withdraw the rewards before players clear out all the mines on the field. However, this is applicable only when they have not landed on any mine. Minesweeper at CryptoGames allows each player to choose the difficulty level according to their skill level or we can say comfort level. 


This is a recently revamped take on the casino’s Dice. It is one of the best versions of Dice out there on the internet. From the looks to payouts, the much new game is thoroughly reviewed by many for its advanced architecture. By carefully rolling their dice to land on the green zone of the slider, players can win the game. Landing on the green zone means you have correctly predicted the outcome of your dice. In Dicev2, bigger risk, or should we say payout means a smaller area of the green zone. 


If you love an old school or a traditional game of luck, then Lottery at CryptoGames is just the right one for you to explore crypto gambling. The classic way of testing your luck can be accessed with 4 different cryptocurrencies. And they are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. There will be a personalized countdown timer for all ongoing rounds varying for each of the 4 cryptocurrencies. And if you are good at calculating your luck against big sums, then you can count your winning odds using the total numbers of Pot, tickets along with the sum of rewards. 

Use the following Cryptocurrencies:

All of these 10 highly profitable cryptocurrencies are deposited either by using the credit card system backed by Onramper or using the traditional deposit address method. They can even be exchanged using a cool new system called ChangeNOW. All of these systems are neatly presented and given instructions about at the casino. The available cryptocurrencies for you to play the games are: 

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash.

Fun fact: here in the list, Solana is the recently added cryptocurrency. With its addition to the system, CryptoGames becomes the first online crypto casino ever to enable full use of the cryptocurrency for gambling purposes. Unlike many other shady cryptocurrencies, Solana is a  powerful layer-1 blockchain that is already quite renowned for showing unbelievable scalability, impressively high throughput (almost 50,000 per second), and globally low transaction costs for all its users. 

Every single one of the games can be played using these 10 cryptocurrencies. And not to forget, the casino’s very own play currency called PlayMoney will also be available for every player to get access to. However, using the actual cryptocurrencies will require the players to register themselves at the casino. 

Spend more time on the Games instead of Sign-Ups:

Fear no lengthy registrations as long as you are at CryptoGames. Because in this particular casino you get to spend more time exploring the casino and building up your gambling skill levels rather than spending hours on the registration process.  The lightning-swift registration process is one of the key features of the architecture of the website. Here the sign-up procedure is completed within the shortest time. Well unless you are one of those people who take decades to find one username for their accounts. Once you complete the basic registration process, you get direct access to your account, the PlayMoney feature, and the games. But to get full access to the financial transactions or even to be able to play using actual money, you need to make sure that you have completed their full registration process. 

At CryptoGames Promotion bring Rewards:

Whenever someone creates a player account for themselves, the casino sends them referral links to their accounts. These are promotional links that you get to share with friends, acquaintances, or even family members. These referral links bring lucrative rewards for you. At CryptoGames, all the referrers get to earn 15% of the house edge from referring others. This works when the user you have placed their bets. Meaning, with every single bet placed by the user, you referred CryptoGames to, you get to earn 15% of the game’s house edge. The best part is, even if they lose their bets, you still get to take your reward. 

Get Exceptional Gambling Experience with CryptoGames

To fulfill their ultimate goal of producing top-quality entertainment for worldwide gamblers, CryptoGames has taken various measures over the years. From working on its architecture to developing a new system to incorporating new trends, the casino has outdone itself over and over again. While not a lot of gambling websites care for the players’ mental safety, CryptoGames has already taken necessary measures to provide a safe gambling environment for all. With policies ensuring a responsible environment around the community, each one of the players at CryptoGames is backed up with helplines in case of unfortunate events. Among the community members, everyone is thinking about their engagement so that they can form understanding and respect for each other. In contrast to the thrilling side of gambling, comes the chances of going rogue when there is no discipline. This is exactly why the casino came prepared with a prevention policy for all on board. This way, CryptoGames has successfully tackled down many negative effects and helped many of its players to guide themselves towards responsible and fun gambling. Traits like this always raise curiosity among the global community of both novice and expert crypto gamblers. But lucky for you, this review already gave you an idea about CryptoGames, the right place to begin your gambling experience with. And even better, an overview of where to spend your cryptocurrencies for entertainment. So, stop looking too far on your screen, log in to CryptoGames and get a hold of their first-class games and 24/7 bug-free UI. Hop on to the new trends of crypto gambling with fine simplicity today, and become a fan for, well however long crypto gambling exists. 

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