CryptoGames: Test Your Gambling Skills with the Modern Blackjack!


Cryptocurrencies unimaginably changed online gambling from the time the internet introduced online casinos. Online casinos have rearranged their systems to offer all the latest features that complement the growing demands of the industry. Most of the casinos are now taking a more aesthetic approach in building their systems rather than offering a tonne of flashy games that are heavy for the UI. Among the list of top-rated crypto casinos of today, CryptoGames is under the spotlight most of the time. It is serving the new crypto gamblers with the best gambling experience through all kinds of upgraded features. Their unending efforts for providing the best services are truly appreciable. CryptoGames created a lightweight architecture that is suitable for all kinds of devices. It is also free of any kind of clickbait or popups that lead you to any unsafe websites. At the casino, there is no chance of favoritism or cheating. CryptoGames lessens the number of offered games on its website because it wants to create a specific list that can cater to all kinds of entertainment needs of its players. The casino offers 9 top-quality casino games to its gamblers while keeping all of them up to date according to the taste of the players. This means, all the games are equally enhanced with quality design, a generous amount of payout, and fair house edges that are accessible for all. In the casino you will find:

Dice, DiceV2, Blackjack, Roulette, Minesweeper, Slot, Lottery, Plinko, Video Poker. 

House Edges:

Dice- 1.0 % 

DiceV2- 1.0%

Roulette- 2.7% 

Blackjack- 1.25%

Minesweeper- 1.0%

Video Poker- 2.09% 

Plinko- 1.72%

Slot- 1.97%

Lottery- 0.0%

The casino has added a perfect amount of diversity into the games’ list to make everyone participate in them. The games are accessible from all kinds of mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. This means the architecture of the game is free for all devices. With this review, we will look at one of the most prominent card games the casino offers for its players. The game is called Blackjack. 

Along with our review of the game, we will also give you a glimpse of the elements you will be able to find at the casino of CryptoGames. 

A Little Overview of Blackjack:

In many places, Blackjack is known as 21. The card game is an old-school classic game that allows the players to use their critical thinking to build the best hand possible. At CryptoGames, Blackjack can be played with 10 available cryptocurrencies.

The game is made for all levels of players. Even the new players can master the game with a few trials. Good thing is that Blackjack can also be played using the Play Money currency. This means you get to check out the rules of the games as much as you want. And then get into it with your cryptocurrencies. The casino offers all the help you might need for the game through their simple explanations of the rules. Now let’s take a look at the objective and the rules of the game. 


The main objective of the game is to beat the house dealer by earning 21 points or making the dealer cross 21 points. 

Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack offers great intensity in its design since the game is directly played against the house. The thrilling experience is brought by putting the skills of the gamblers to the test. CryptoGames Blackjack requires the players to follow the given rules to ensure a win.

  1. While playing, they need to make sure that their hand is always less than 21 and the dealer’s hand. 
  2. Settings for the bet size or amount have to be fixed before the deals begin. 
  3. Upon the deal of the first 2 cards, players might have the chance to earn 21 points. So they can look out for that. 
  4.  If the deal of the first two cards brings about 21 points for the player then the system will declare them as winners.
  5. If the first deal doesn’t bring 21 points then there are 4 different options to form the best hand.
  6. If a player can sense that their total score might cross 21 points, then they can Split the hand. 
  7. If they are confident in the current sum of their hand then they can choose to Hit for another card. 
  8. If they are unsure of the next draw or the sum it will return, then they can Stand. 
  9. To test out their luck to the extreme level, or to test their skill, players can even Double their bet which will give them a new card. 
  10. Finally, in case they think they are about to lose the bet and may cross the 21 sum limit then they can choose to Fold. Which is a way to surrender the hand and still save half of their betting sum.  

One thing to keep in mind for Blackjack is that:

The decks are automatically shuffled before each draw. So, when a player wants to deal, it might not be easy to predict the incoming cards. However, the guaranteed transparency of the system makes the results as straightforward and clean as possible. 

All available Cryptocurrencies for Blackjack

At CryptoGames, all players get the freedom to choose from 10 cryptocurrencies. For the game of Blackjack, all of them are always available. Here are the Cryptocurrencies you get to wager on Blackjack with: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ether Classic, Dogecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, GAS, and Solana. The coins can be switched before the game and used throughout the round. This means, after each round, players will have the freedom to change their cryptocurrencies. Along with these, CryptoGames’ play currency called Play Money will always be available for all through the “Faucet” feature.

Blackjack has a 1.25% house edge which provides the most favorable amounts of rewards. Hence, knowing the game’s possible outcomes will increase the chances of winning more. 

Tips for Beginners:

  1. Always keep in mind that it is safer to raise the flag and fold before you hit a downfall. If a hand looks heavier compared to the dealer’s then, surrender. This saves you from losing the full amount you have placed to bet. This means folding gives you the chance to save half of your bet amount. 
  2. Only choose to Double your hand when you see that it doesn’t cross the dealer’s amount. When a bet is made to be double, there will be only one more new card added to the hand. So, carefully analyze your hand before choosing to double.
  3. If two cards of the same value come up right from the start then it is better to split the hand in two. 

Transaction Methods to Use

To offer complete flexibility for the transaction requests, CryptoGames offer well-organized facilities for all the users. So while playing Blackjack, you will find a flexible list of transaction methods. CryptoGames fulfills the bare necessity since all transactions with cryptocurrencies must be completed within a reliable system at all times. For playing Blackjack or any of their games, you can use the traditional financial systems for deposits, withdrawals, or exchanges. There is also a new system for making all deposits or exchanges. The modern facilities offered at the casino enable the flexible use of credit cards. This means, depositing fiat currencies into a small or large number of cryptocurrencies is always open through credit cards. For the modern system, there is Onramper, a third-party fiat currency aggregator, which offers fiat currency deposits through credit cards. Along with that is another third-party website that enables crypto exchanging from a wide list of cryptocurrencies. ChangeNow allows different cryptocurrency users to exchange any coin of their choice into any coin at CryptoGames. CryptoGames is not directly responsible for the credit card deposit system offered by Onramper. Therefore verifying their accounts before using the system is a must for all the players who want to use the third-party aggregator. This will allow them to deposit any fiat currencies of their choice. 

Opportunities to Earn at CryptoGames

Over the years since its opening, CryptoGames has been known as the most profitable casino that helps its players to earn more rewards every time they log in at the casino. Its trustworthy system has enabled fair gambling policies that also offer many earning opportunities. The casino’s referral programs, monthly betting events, and lucrative rewarding features add more to the player’s experience of gambling at CryptoGames. The players can engage with others through the contests and add more players on board by sharing the referral codes they get upon the registration. The referral codes return rewards when a new player uses the codes that you have shared with them. This means, once the player you shared the referral codes with, starts playing at the casino, you will get rewarded for all the bets placed by them. The reward amount is 15% of the house edges. Besides the referral codes, there are more exciting ways to engage with others in the casino. During monthly events, highly competitive contests help the gamblers to show off their talents by betting against each other for the bigger prize. The main reward of the monthly betting events is VIP membership. The highly profitable membership pays off the players when they clear their way to the top of the leader board. Along with the contests, there is another profitable reward system known as the Rainbot. This reward system pays off the players for each of their actions for the betterment of the casino. This means if a player has contributed to the casino’s wellbeing or the community overall then they are rewarded by the casino with small amounts of cryptocurrencies. To give you a brief look at how the VIP membership works, we have listed a few rewards you get from it:

As a VIP member:

  • You will be able to play Dice with a lower house edge than the regular for a month. Which is 0.8%. 
  • You will get the highest priority for all the bets you place. Even if you place small bets, you are guaranteed to enjoy no server-side delay for all bets.
  • You can have higher exchange limits. 
  • You will get exclusive access to VIP chatrooms and will be able to communicate with the casino managers directly.
  • You will get your VIP tags on Chatbox 
  • You will earn $100 worth of Bitcoins on your birthdays! This will be applicable if you are a VIP player with tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher.
  • Your faucet levels will increase and give out more Play Money rewards!

Master the Game of Blackjack on CryptoGames

 From the brief look at Blackjack through our review, you must have understood by now that along with the simple card game, comes a lot of rewards and a high gambling experience. It can be said that you will not only be able to enjoy the most exquisite card game but also will have the guaranteed facilities in case you want to try your hand out on any other games in the casino. From the screen of your own devices, you will be able to explore the well-organized architecture of the casino and as well as enhance your gambling skills and experience through responsible gambling policies. Without any scope of doubt, you will be able to look at the fine crypto gambling experience up close through CryptoGames and especially its Blackjack. 

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