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In the world of modern gambling websites, CryptoGames is one of the best providers of classic gambling games. The incredibly reliable system is known for its entertainment value and each one of the games provided there is undoubtedly praiseworthy for the gamblers. At this very moment, CryptoGames is hosting 9 extravagant games that are easily mastered by the gamblers on board. The games not only include great payout tables and winning chances but also offers necessary smart features, guidelines, amazing rewards, and much more. The wide range of games includes a great variation for the players. For example, the casino offers great card games for the players through Video Poker and Blackjack. While Blackjack is widely famous among gamblers, Video Poker is still one of the classic card games that need to be highlighted more often. Hence, this review will feature the very classic game in all its glory. 

Basic Introduction to Video Poker

Video Poker is one of the most engaging card games in the online casino world. However, it sometimes fades in front of other flashy games although it is one of those games you will find in almost all the big online casinos. And in all fairness, it is tough to find the most rewarding version of Video Poker in the vast list of casinos. CryptoGames’ version of Video Poker eliminates the daunting task and provides the players with a highly rewarding, modern version of the game. 

For those who don’t have a clear idea about Video Poker, it is similar to a regular poker game. In this version, all players will be given 5 cards from which they will need to make the strongest hand possible. The hand must contain 5 cards in the end and all of them have to equal up to enough points to beat the dealer. The players are also given the chance to keep their desired cards in every bet. The cards in their hand can also be exchanged. This means the players can discard their undesired ones to make the best poker hand. They can also rely on the smart feature provided by the casino. The smart feature automatically keeps the possible winning cards in hand. This feature is super useful when a new player is trying to build up a winning hand or is trying to figure out the games turning points. 

How to Play

To start the deals, first, enter the bet amount in credits. The credit conversion rates are given under the game board. Then after the bet amount is placed, you can start the deals. Upon the first click, a player will be dealt 5 cards. From those, they have the opportunity to keep any combination, all, or none. This means, discarding all of the cards they were dealt with is also an option. If a player wants to keep any card, they can simply click on the Hold button underneath the cards. Then, they can keep clicking deal to finish the hand or to get a new card.

Use of Smart Hold

The automatic feature that is mentioned above, is a smart hold feature that implements a strategy built to optimize a bet’s odds. As the smart hold tries to boost the winning chances over all hands, it is possible to get a better hand using manual play strategies. This is why the casino suggests the players use the feature at their own risk. Also, if the Smart Hold is enabled during a bet, the casino cannot be held responsible for any lost potential or lost bets. There is a detailed table on the website, under the game’s page that explains how the feature works in various situations. Priority to the cards will be given in descending order. To explain simply, the smart hold will give precedence to “hands” that are on the top of the table. To explain with an example, if a player gets a hand that has two pairs, a King, Queen, and jack unsuited; then the Smart hold will give priority and HOLD the two pairs. And it will immediately discard the King, Queen, and jack unsuited combination as two pairs are above them on the table provided on the website.

Know the Ranks of The Cards:

All those who have less to no experience in playing card games, especially Poker, must know about the ranking of the poker hands thoroughly before they get into the games. The rankings of the cards are given below (from highest to lowest):

  1. Straight Flush: The hand has five cards presented in numerical order, each belonging to a common suit.
  2. Four of a Kind: The has four cards holding the same numerical value and one side card (kicker).
  3. Full house: The hand has three cards of the same value and two other cards with a different but matching value.
  4. Flush: The hand has all five cards belonging to the same suit.
  5. Straight: The hand has five cards that may belong to any different suit but are all in a numerical series.
  6. Three of a kind: The hand has three cards with a similar numerical value and the other two cards having no significance in terms of value.
  7. Two pairs: The hand has two pairs of cards with a similar numerical value and one card with no significance.
  8. One pair: The hand has two cards of the same numerical value but the other three are insignificant.
  9. High Card: A hand that has five cards that don’t make up any of the above series, is called consisting ‘high cards’.

Since learning about the precedence and the value of the game is a little tricky at times, it is advised that the players use Play Money to play the game many times as practice before they put forward their actual cryptocurrencies. This way they can also develop the skill of arranging their hand in the best way possible. More practice will also be able to guide them to form their hand in the shortest possible time. Having a clear knowledge of the aforementioned nine series will help you to predict the way the hand will turn out after each deal. And if playing for the bigger reward is something that excites you, then Royal Flush will surely grab your attention. To provide complete transparency about the game, the casino states that the odds of hitting a royal flush is 1 in 40,390 whereas the odds of getting four of a kind is 0.24%. And given that, the probability that no player has formed one of the two series is very high. Hence, knowing about the probability of forming one series beforehand will help you a lot in determining how strong your card is.

Use Play Money to Practice

Unlike many other crypto casinos where the system requires actual fund deposits from the initial state, CryptoGames offers an open system for all the new players. As a new player completes the basic registration, they get to check out all the games excluding Lottery with the casino’s special currency. The special currency is named Play Money and it can be freely used to play and explore 8 games for absolutely free.  

Available CryptoCurrencies for Video Poker

At CryptoGames, accessing the entertainment is done through a modern financial system that is not only flexible but easily reliable by any player around the internet. For playing Video Poker, players get to use 10 different cryptocurrencies which can be converted into credits according to the conversion rate. The credit conversion rates are updated every 10 minutes. The offered cryptocurrencies are:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash for all their transactions.

Transaction Methods

The transaction system offered at the casino is smooth and hassle-free for every player on the website. CryptoGames’ deposit and exchange system is divided into two different methods. Third-party systems like Onramper and ChangeNow are enabling the credit card deposits of fiat currencies and swift exchanges of cryptocurrencies respectively. On the other hand, there is a regular exchange system that offers deposits, withdrawals, or exchanges right on the website. However, players have to create separate addresses at Your Account Tab to use the regular system. 

Effortless Modern Gambling through CryptoGames’ Video Poker

Including 8 other games, and a fast processing system, CryptoGames also provides a smooth registration process, that requires the least amount of time possible. Moreover, the casino doesn’t rely on any popups or redirect links to attract the players. Instead, it keeps the overall system as neat as it can be. Hence the casino always provides the players a complete chance to enjoy modern entertainment using their crypto funds. Besides all these, from the aforementioned discussion, it can be said that playing poker games online creates crypto gambling much more fun than it used to be before at regular casinos. By playing Video Poker, players will also get to learn many different rules and tricks about card games. So, without any other delay, beginners or regular crypto gamblers can pick CryptoGames’ Video Poker as the best game to gather skills and knowledge regarding the classic gambling experiences.

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