CryptoGames: Play Dice, Keno and 8 other Games!

YT_3 Keno Dice

The use of digital currencies in online platforms has increased widely after being affected by the global pandemic. Casino culture has advanced around all corners of the world in the past few years to entertain the international community of gambling enthusiasts. The world of bright and happening casinos was noticeably affected as it has become nearly impossible for people worldwide to leave the safety of their homes to enjoy casino entertainment. This change meant potential gamblers could no longer be a part of the ambiance of physical casinos with others. However, all thanks to internet advancements, a massive number of gambling platforms are being introduced online. And most of these online gambling platforms now incorporate new financial transaction methods to ensure online gambling is within everyone’s reach. Crypto finance is one of the systems that online casinos are currently adding to their system to upgrade the gambling experiences of their players. Meaning, that along with the traditional online casinos, there are many crypto-based online casinos nowadays which guarantee top-class entertainment for gamblers worldwide. Each one of the crypto gambling websites aims to offer all the necessary attributes to online gamblers with extravagant games, sleek UI, flexible transaction options, and, most importantly, robust security systems. Few genuinely stand out among hundreds of crypto-based casinos for offering all these under one roof. 

CryptoGames is one of those few online casinos that is now seen around the internet for its consistent service to its users. Registered and operated under the jurisdiction of the government of Curacao, it is owned by MuchGaming B.V. Over the years, it has made many potential gamblers enjoy and seek out the highly demanding digital entertainment source. The casino has successfully earned its place among other efficient gambling websites by providing worthy components on its platform. Below are the descriptions of each essential feature:

Look at the User Interface

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The website’s architecture efficiently runs for all users from different devices. The UI ensures that every player can enjoy a sleek and lag-free browsing experience when visiting the website. Upon their first visit, players will be able to build a positive impression of the overall system as its interface allows an uninterrupted browsing experience from any device. With its lightweight UI, the casino also has many features that support digital gambling easily. The accessible user interface also offers a live chat box for the players to freely engage with each other in any conversation during their time on the website; this allows new players to talk with experienced gamblers and discuss various strategies. The chatbox requires minimal specs for the devices to run smoothly. The user interfaces also exhibit all the FAQs, Chat Rules, Support, Casino Privacy, Gambling Policies, and more on the home page. 

Efficient Systems for Transactions

Offering a convenient and innovative transaction system, CryptoGames includes the latest methods for building their financial section. Currently, it provides 10 different crypto coins for the games, and all of them can be converted into credits and exchanged. Credit rates are updated every 10 minutes and found on the individual game’s home page. The wide range of cryptocurrencies includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash for all their transactions.

CryptoGames has built an equally smooth, supple, and convenient transaction system to complement the flexible list of cryptocurrencies. Deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges can be made without hassle using the latest procedures. The new and regular methods both support deposits and exchanges. Onramper and ChangeNow are the two new systems for deposits and exchanges. While Onramper is a third-party fiat currency aggregator, ChangeNow is a third-party crypto exchange system. With the first one, players can make deposits of their fiat currencies using their credit cards. The system is swift and convenient for all fiat currency users.

On the other hand, ChangeNow allows players to exchange different cryptocurrencies to match available ones on CryptoGames. If they have any funds in any other cryptocurrencies, they will be able to exchange the offered ones, as mentioned earlier. The new exchange is open for both new and regular players. Alongside these systems, usual transaction methods are also provided to everyone. 

Available New Age Security 

To maintain the utmost security for all the users on the website, CryptoGames has built its system with unbreakable measures. This way, the casino ensures that all the crypto funds are protected with high-level security. Modern security measures back up user funds with a two-factor authentication system. The advanced system is powered by Google 2FA applications and SSL encryption architecture. The two-factor authentication system guarantees that the players’ approval is taken to withdraw any amount of rewards. 

Simple Yet Fun Game Set 

Since the era of retro gambling culture, casinos have been curating all the profitable games that offer a significant sum of riches to gamblers. Keeping that in mind, CryptoGames has curated an impressive list of casino games that deliver pure entertainment to gamblers worldwide. Currently, 10 games are offering nostalgic casino vibes with a modern aura. They are all known to be easily accessible through any device and are highly rich in quality. The casino also assists the players with conceivable guidelines for the best. 


The game has a beginner-friendly set of rules with a great range of potential results ( 0.000-99.999). In the beginning, players select an amount they would like to bet and then choose the payout multiplier that affects their winning chances and win amount. After that, they predict the result of their Dice roll. The prediction is made by choosing whether the Dice roll will produce a greater or lesser value than two given numbers. Players can claim their payouts by accurately guessing the roll’s outcome. All keyboard users can avail of the keyboard controls to play the game. 


CryptoGames included the evergreen slot machine with five turning reels in its casino to help beginner-level gamblers with their experiences. The five reels contain five different symbols that turn up on a spin enabled by the player. The five symbols must form a winning combination for the users to bag a win. If the symbols line up according to any winning combinations, then the players are compensated according to the amount of payout each combination carries. There are 7 winning combinations for the game. 


One of CryptoGames’ finest offerings that can make a player think they are sitting at an actual casino. Here, the gamblers play the European crypto-oriented version of the world-renowned Roulette. The game, however, has a payout table similar to the American rendition, and Roulette comes with a lucrative amount of house edge. On the wheel, there is a single zero present with 37 numbers. In the beginning, players stack up their bets using betting chips on the numbers they think will come up after a spin. If they are correct in placing the chips, their numbers will show up after the bet, and they will be immediately compensated according to the payout table.


A truly classic banking game that many beginner-level gamblers also known as 21. Before the cards are dealt with, players must specify the bet size and amount. Then, the player will be dealt with their set of cards. If the player can beat the house by gaining a point of 21 or lower, the game ends, and the player is declared a winner. If the player’s total exceeds 21, Players will lose the amount placed for bet at the beginning of the game. Blackjack is played with the options to Surrender, Double Down, and Split. These options allow players to form their best hand or quit the game without losing the bet.


Gamblers have known this game as an old-school game of luck. To play Lottery at CryptoGames, players must purchase their Lottery tickets using any of the four available cryptocurrencies for the game. Each round has a timer, and the lottery tickets come in different amounts depending on the currencies. The tickets are available at the “Buy Ticket” tab. Players get to keep track of the total number of tickets they possess and their possibility of winning under the same tab. The winning amount will also vary on the winners’ positions and the total number of tickets purchased by the winner. There are two draws per week for Lottery. 


Presented with the same rules as the 80’s version, Plinko is another beginner-level friendly casino game where the layout of the game is as classic as it can be. And with the clear guidelines given by the casino, Plinko can be easily mastered within a short time. The crypto version’s visual is the same as the game’s televised version. Here as well, the game is played on a pyramid-shaped board. A ball is dropped from the top of the pyramid into a field of pegs. There are four colors of balls in the game, green, red, blue, and yellow. They all have different payout multipliers and house edges. Along with these two factors, whichever slot the ball lands into will also decide how much reward the player has earned. The reward may be up to 650 times payout to a 0.4 times return.

Video Poker 

Like a typical poker game, this card game is available for all card game lovers at CryptoGames. Each player has to form the strongest possible hand to beat the house using five cards. Knowing the rankings of the cards helps new players to understand the ways they will be able to form their winning hands. Three different types of Video Poker are found at the casino. Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker: the three types of Video Poker that are always available for the players to enjoy. Video Poker also offers a royal flush for rewarding the players in more considerable sums. The game also has a “Smart Hold” option to help players decide which cards to hold. 


CryptoGames’ version of the game allows all players to earn heaps of rewards at any point of the game. Unless the player hits on a mine, prizes are guaranteed and can be withdrawn anytime. Minesweeper at the casino has no system to provide hints to its players, meaning they have to play the game with their total concentration. If a player clears all the boxes with hidden mines, they will win the entire reward. Otherwise, landing on any mine will make the player lose all bet amounts. Players can select how many mines will be there in each round, and players can set the lowest number of mines to 1 and the highest number of mines to 24. 


The latest version of Dice is called DiceV2. It is created to offer a more new-age version of the original edition. The new version of Dice has almost the same objective as the original Dice. If a player can correctly predict the result of their dice roll, then the Dice will land inside the green zone on the slider. At the beginning of the game, players must specify their bet size and payout multiplier. After that, they will choose one of the options and roll their dice. The slider can be moved from left to right to increase or decrease the payout multiplier or winning chance. 


This game made its way into the casino recently as their tenth recreation. Keno has already gained the attention of many gamers for its ideal design that provides a modern model of the underrated gambling game. After choosing the wager quantity for Keno, gamers choose out any numbers from a field of 40. The players can manually guess up to 10 numbers from the area or by using the feature. To play the game, players may take guidance from the “How to Play” tab and the “Play Money” feature to understand the layout. Using their instincts, they can pick the numbers in each round. They may also rely on the Random Field feature to make their guesses. The game rewards the players if the lucky draw returns the numbers they had picked before the game started. 

The house edges of all ten games are impressively reasonable. Here are the house edges:

House Edges of the Games: 

  • Dice -1.0%.
  • Dicev2 -1.0%.
  • Slot- 1.97%.
  • Blackjack- 1.25%.
  • Lottery- 0%. 
  • Roulette- 2.7%.
  • Minesweeper- 1.0%.
  • Video Poker -2.09%

 Jacks or Better- 2.11%. 

Tens or Better- 2.08%. 

Bonus- 2.09%.

  • Plinko – 1.72&

Green Ball- 1.63%. 

Red Ball- 1.84%. 

Blue Ball- 1.52%. 

Yellow Ball- 1.56%.

  • KENO -1.0%.

 Since Lottery has a 0% house edge, the entire sum of income is distributed among the three winners in each round. 

All Bets Produce Provably Fair Results

To ensure unbiased results, CryptoGames has incorporated Cryptographic techniques that are Provably Fair. This system ensures that all bets produce results without any cheating. The casino immediately hands out all rewards earned by the players after every win. Moreover, by using seeds and hashes, the players can rely on the transparency of the casino to check their bet results. To offer absolute clarity for the Lottery draws, CryptoGames processes all draw using RandomPicker. This third-party provider delivers unbiased results for each round. 

Easier Access to Smart Features

Mainly to help beginners, CryptoGames offers specially created features for all players. Auto Bet feature is available with most games at the casino to place bets for several rounds. The system provides options to limit the player’s bet size and payout multiplier. It even allows the player to change the bet’s settings on their balance change. For example, using the auto bet, they can increase or decrease the amount, on balance, increase or decrease. Another feature is called the Smart Hold feature that comes with Video Poker. The feature allows players to rely on the auto-selected cards to be kept or held. If they are confused about which cards to hold or keep, they can take help from the Smart Hold. However, players must use this feature at their own risk. The purpose of the innovative feature is to help a player form the best possible hand for all their bets. Additionally, features like Random Pick and Random Field (found in Minesweeper, Keno) help the players choose their future game moves randomly if any confusion arises.

Unique Ways to Win Rewards

CryptoGames offers impressive chances of winning jackpots to its players. This change is found in the games Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette. The chances of winning jackpots make the games more exciting for every bet. The jackpots offer incredible prizes that attract new players to the mentioned games. The sum of rewards in jackpots varies for the cryptocurrencies and the games. Players will find jackpot rules in the tabs on each game’s home page. Besides banks, CryptoGames offers its players a wide range of ways to bag extra rewards at the casino. 

Free Rewarding Features

Apart from what they earn through the games, all players stand a chance to win Play Money rewards and small amounts of cryptocurrencies through the Faucet and Rainbot systems. Upon registration, all players are given the privilege of earning free bonuses from the casino. The Faucet allows players to withdraw a specified amount of Play Money to test out the games at any time they prefer. The number of times and rewards will depend on the user’s player level. The same goes for the rainbot, where a player can earn cryptocurrencies in small amounts by fulfilling a few conditions for their player profile. These conditions are straightforward to fulfill as it only requires the players to engage at the casino. The casino will consider their engagement in chats, discussions, or even in the games at their player level.

Invite a Friend

On top of that, the casino also provides a referral link for the website to all its players. Players can use the referral link to invite others to check out the casino and its rewarding games. All players can access this referral link through the “Rewards” tab under the “Invite A Friend” section. Any user who makes referrals will be rewarded 15% of the house edge for every referral. 

CryptoGames’ Potential to Serving Consistent Entertainment 

Adding adequate dimensions to its platform, CryptoGames builds itself by offering the most innovative entertainment through fair crypto-based gambling. Its considerate team of developers tackles any new challenges that may arise in their delivery of services. The aim to offer fantastic benefits to all the players equally seems like a challenging responsibility to keep up, but CryptoGames is determined to do it little by little in the vast world of online entertainment. For gamblers all over the internet, the casino has the potential to become a favored spot for its consistent services and high-value, unadulterated, responsible, and safe gambling experience for everyone who enjoys a thrilling casino ambiance.

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