CryptoGames: Play 9 Games with 10 Different Crypto Currencies


In today’s era, Crypto currencies are now more than just a buzzword. This futuristic currency is pioneering financial systems all around the world at a steady pace. As vast as the entertainment sectors are, Crypto Casino is one of the most happening sectors at this very moment. Especially after the industries were hit by the pandemic in 2020, online crypto casinos are on the rise of popularity. While many attractive online casinos are offering the coolest digital currencies for their players, not all can provide top-class service at all times. Since it is very important to maintain high security for online fund transactions, many crypto casinos are falling behind in terms of reliability. Gladly for us, we have picked out one of the safest and extensively engaging online crypto casinos for you. In this review, you will get what we call a “glimpse” of one of the leading crypto gambling websites out on the internet. 

The casino we will be reviewing is called, CryptoGames

CryptoGames, the dependable path-maker for Casinos

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Among hundreds of exclusively designed online crypto-based casinos, CryptoGames is such an online wagering platform that guarantees a hundred percent entertainment value. The casino is almost like a hidden gem that has successfully introduced and enabled the use of up-to-date cryptocurrencies (I.e Solana) along with many highly efficient services. CryptoGames has earned users steadily through consistency and customer satisfaction. Although it is owned by a Curacao-based company called MuchGaming.BV, the casino’s reputation has sparked the hidden interest of many potential gamblers around the world. 

Along with its ability to become one of the leading crypto-based gambling websites, CryptoGames is bringing a wave of changes in the gaming industry. It is reintroducing most of the “all-time classic” casino games for players of all skill levels to enjoy. This means, the casino is not only defining the gambling industry with crypto-based innovation, but also quenching the thirst of many fervent thrill-seekers, or should we say, wagerers. 

A Dive Inside:

First of all, the highly sought out element for any online casinos, an impenetrable security system; is CryptoGames’ top priority. From the moment you register your account, to withdrawing your rewards, CryptoGames has taken care of all your security concerns beforehand. This means you can rest assured that their layered identity verification system will protect your account in any unexpected situations. Following that, they have a unique list of games that come with huge payout scales, incredibly reasonable house edges, and detailed manuals. And not to forget, their super-fast transaction systems are like the bonus to complement their 10 latest cryptocurrencies. Before we dive into the games and other exciting elements of the casino, here’s a short description of the available cryptocurrencies, their registration process for the players:

At CryptoGames, you can avail any of the following 10 cryptocurrencies for your transaction: 

 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin, GAS, Solana, and Dash.


Forget any experience of lengthy registrations you’ve had before because, at CryptoGames, it takes only a few minutes. For all the new players, the registration process for basic access requires just a few minutes. That being said, the swift sign-up method will permit you to play the games using the in-house test currency, PlayMoney, and its rewards bank. However, to earn actual rewards on wins, and to get hold of the complete exchange, deposit, withdrawal system, completing the full registration is a must. 

Their 9 Games: 

All of the games below come with easily understandable guidelines and feather-like lightweight architecture. So, it does not matter which device you are using to play them, because you will be able to have a smooth game time each time you enter the casino. Along with this, some of the games come with their very own list of shortcut keys that you can use at any point of the game for a faster experience. 


An evergreen game that comes all decked up in a modern outlook. The game offers progressive jackpots and a recently built version (DiceV2) for its players. The game suits the needs of all new players as it is quite easy to comprehend. So, spending your first few credits on this one is highly suggested. All you have to do is either roll over a certain amount or roll under a specified amount. And predict the outcome. Dice has a low house edge of 1.0%.  


Nothing is more satisfying than watching a slot machine spin its reel of symbols at a casino. To keep that retro vibe alive in the crypto version, CryptoGames has built the exact outlook for the 5-reel Slot Machine in their casino. Although online, the Slot machine will not give any less thrill than an actual one found at physical casinos. All the players need to do to win is to land any winning combination formed with 5 symbols. A list of winning combinations can be found on the website. The slot offers a 1.97% house edge. 


Another classic game. An evergreen card game which is also known as 21. Winning Blackjack will require a lot of practice since it does get a little tricky for new players. Especially if you are up against the computer or should we say, the casino’s dealer. To win, simply defeat the house dealer or earn 21 points from the first two cards. At CryptoGames, Blackjack can be played with Double Down, Surrender, or Split options. It offers a 1.25% house edge.


Adapted from the European Roulette, this particular one has high-profit payouts. To win, make sure your lucky ball lands in a neighbor area on the spinning wheel. Carefully select your neighbor areas on the 37 number wheel that has only one 0. Roulette gives out a 2.7% house edge.

Video Poker

Crypto-based Video Poker offers a straightforward objective to its players. To win, that requires the players to simply form a winning hand that beats the house dealer’s one.  You can also play the Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Tens or Better while you are at it. Like Dice’s Jackpots, Video poker has royal flushes for unbelievable rewards. You can play Video Poker for 2.09% house edge. Here, the three versions carry different house edges. 


Another classic game that is played on a pegged pyramid. Plinko’s objective is pretty straightforward. Make sure your lucky ball (specified color) reaches a winning slot after you drop it from the top. The balls you play with come in 4 different shades. Plinko offers an average 1.72% house edge for its players. The house edge here will vary according to the color difference. 


If you were a fan of the computer puzzle game, Minesweeper, this crypto version will surely be a delight for you. To win the full amount of payout, clear out of all the mines. In case you are happy with half or any amount of reward, turn the tiles on the minefields avoiding the mines, and then cash out at any point of the game. One of the biggest advantages of playing Minesweeper with your cryptocurrencies is that here at CryptoGames, you are in control of the difficulty levels.  Minesweeper has a 1.0% house edge.


As we have hinted above, this one is a more modernized version of Dice. To win DICEV2, make sure you choose a condition that will land your dice on the green zone of the slider. You will be in complete control of the setting for the green zone. In DICEV2, the more your payout multiplier becomes, the smaller the size of the green zone gets. So, play thoughtfully. Dicev2 comes with the same house edge as DICE. 


If you like to test your luck with a piece of a ticket, then Lottery is the one for you. While the other games require you to put on a lot of strategic effort, Lottery can be played with just a purchase of one or multiple tickets. To play, use any of the 4 different cryptocurrencies available for the Lottery. Of all the games at the casino, Lottery comes with absolutely NO house edges. Meaning, if you win, you take it all.

Beyond the Games:

Apart from the vast range of games, the casino will provide you with lifetime services in many different sections. CryptoGames has a unique reward system for the players where they can earn through sharing referral links. Upon the registration, each player is given a referral link, that they can use to share about CryptoGames. Being a referrer means, for every account, you have referred, you will earn 15% of the house edge of every bet placed by the players you have generously referred. The rewards will be yours regardless of how their betting results ended. 

And to act as the cherry on top of the reward program, CryptoGames also has progressive jackpots of both Roulette and Dice. These two games come with their own specified guidelines for the jackpot rounds. However, to win bigger, you will have to take the risk to meet all the rules they have stated on their homepages. Alongside this, VIP Membership is also available for the fully registered players. This honorable tag can be earned by participating in monthly challenges where you will face your fellow gamblers of the casino in a healthy competitive environment. 

CryptoGames, the admirable crypto casino

Among the rising time of cryptocurrencies and the crypto gambling industry, there are very few platforms that also consider the player’s wellbeing. Therefore, when CryptoGames came under the light as one of the very few crypto casinos to publicly mention and include helplines for any kind of gambling addiction, it immediately won the respect of worldwide gamblers. This small yet huge gesture has ensured the top position for them in the industry and helped them to maintain their growth unfiltered. Starting from fair, responsible gambling to safe entertainment, the casino is always up on its feet to bring policies that regulate safety for every single player on their website. Hence, to conclude our review, we highly recommend you CryptoGames to feed your curiosity for the futuristic entertainment platform. In your search for a real trustworthy online casino, we are sure, CryptoGames will meet all your expectations under one roof with all that we have reviewed above and even beyond that. Explore the greatest innovation of the financial system from the comfort of your home. Experience something fun that will last a lifetime with constant top-quality service today. Learn about the fading joy of playing retro casino games and live it for real with efficiency, and safety at CryptoGames! 

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