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The world of gambling is at the brink of a new era. Technological advancement has immensely changed the landscape of the gambling industry. In the recent years the industry has seen a huge influx of online casinos, created in order to accommodate the ever increasing numbers of online gamblers. These online casinos grew more popular as time passed and are always in high demand because of the ever-increasing numbers of online gamblers. However, a large number of these online casinos cannot adhere to the high expectations of their user base, due to poor gambling practices or lack of proper services. As a result a huge number of online gamblers are left with a convoluted idea of what the world of gambling has to offer. This is where the gambling community can look up to CryptoGames, a gambling site with a majestic set of attributes and services which help it maintain its elite position in the gambling world.

The set of services that CryptoGames offers ranges from top notch games to remunerative events and promotions to shatterproof security. Its old school games always draw huge numbers of gamblers to the casino. The casino has installed invulnerable security protocols which ensure maximum security for user funds. The casino also hosts numerous promotions and events where users get tons of free coins and gifts. Extravagant wagering contests hosted by the casino always maintain an aura of healthy competition in the casino. CryptoGames is renowned in the gambling world for its extreme dedication in providing quality services to its user base and it vows to maintain its excellent devotion towards customer satisfaction as long as it exists.

Be awestruck by the old school games provided by CryptoGames
CryptoGames offers 8 of the most fun and engaging games available in the gambling world. These games are extremely beloved in the gambling community due to their old school vibe. Some of these games predated the internet era and were favorites of numerous users long before they became users of CryptoGames. CryptoGames has also provided a multitude of detailed guides alongside the games, in order for users to learn and master the games at an outstanding pace.  Lastly, CryptoGames has decided to keep the number of games limited to a strict number of 8 as it does not wish to intimidate its users with hundreds and thousands of games.  Below is a list of all the games with a few details-

Dice is one of the most popular games in the gambling world due to the entertainment it provides and as it is an easy game to learn. This fabulous game has a vast range of possible outcomes from 0.000 to 99.999. A number is determined before the Dice is rolled and the game requires players to guess whether the rolling of the Dice will produce a larger or smaller value than the chosen number. The player who correctly estimates the outcome of the rolling of the Dice and bets accordingly is declared the winner. The progressive bitcoin dice jackpot balance is currently 3.7 BTC! 

The game of Slot is played on four reels that rotate back and forth before completely stopping. Players can claim a pay out if five of the chosen symbols from the payout table line up in the middle of the slot. CryptoGames offers users only single line horizontal matching, making the game easier for players and giving them an opportunity to win more from the game. This intense game of luck and dedication is extremely popular in CryptoGames and often has huge jackpots.  Winners can claim a jackpot of up to 5 BTC via one single bet in this extravagant game.

“Roulette” is French for “little wheel”. The game requires players to place bets on either a single number, different groupings of numbers , odd or even numbers, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18). The colours red and black can also be bet on. 

CryptoGames offers a “European” version of this famous game. This edition has the same payout table like its American counterpart, however the house edge is almost halved by the presence of a single zero on the 37-number wheel. After all bets are placed, the wheel is spun using the “spin” button and the payout table is then used to pay players accordingly.

Blackjack originates from the famous global banking game known as Twenty-One and is an American version of the world famous game. It is cousins with the games Pontoon and Vingt-et-Un. The game involves one or more players and a dealer who compare their cards. Players attempt to possess a hand that has points nearer to 21 than the banker. CryptoGames has taken measures to ensure its users play the game without any distractions. Bets are placed and cards are dealt on a neat looking table. The game has options to Surrender, Double Down and Split. In this game, a total of 4 decks are used and shuffled after each hand. If a gambler hits the Blackjack he is paid according to a ratio of 6:5. Blackjack scored on split hands are also paid equally.

Lotto originates from the ancient activity of lottery, a game that has always generated huge interest from the moment it was created. The intense game of Lotto requires players to purchase tickets which would later be used to determine winners. There is a “Buy Tickets” tab on the CryptoGames interface which users use to purchase tickets. This tab also displays useful information such as the total number of tickets that are currently owned by the user and the probability of winning. The main interface also displays the time remaining for the round and the rewards for different positions and the total number of tickets that have been purchased. CryptoGames hosts two draws bitcoin lottery every week on Saturdays and Wednesdays where three winners are announced and are awarded with all of the ticket revenue. Other altcoin lottery takes place once a week.

Plinko is one of the most delightful casino games available on the internet. The game requires players to set a bet amount and players also select the colour of the ball they wish to drop. A payout value is assigned on the amount the players chose to bet. The “Play” button is then pressed, to release a ball from the top of a pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid displays the payout the player will receive. This game is seen as a true test of one’s luck and determination. 

Video Poker
Video poker is a fantastic game of luck and endurance that originated from the traditional game known as five-card draw poker. The game can be played on a computerized console similar to a slot machine. CryptoGames offers three versions of this intense game which are -Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. Players can also toggle between their preferred modes of the game by using options in the top left corner of the game board. Players are paid according to a payout table and in the event of a Royal Flush, the player in question will receive a payout multiplier of 500! The player can win up to 6 BTC via just one single bet!

Minesweeper was developed in 1960 and has become one of the most popular games of all time. The rules of the game are simple: There is a field that contains boxes and players have to click on these boxes to play the game. Some of the boxes conceal mines and the game ends when a player accidentally clicks on these mines. CryptoGames only accepts bets that have a profit that are less than 6 BTC (maximum win per bet), therefore if the profit reaches the 6 BTC mark, the additional fields no longer be accessible for the player.

Ensure maximum protection for your funds with unbreakable security protocols
Online casinos are always under the threat of malicious attackers who want to gain control of invaluable user funds illegally. These atrocious hackers will resort to any means to achieve their goals and strong security measures are required to repel their attacks. The elite gambling casino CryptoGames has taken sufficient measures to foil the attempts of any such attacks and ensure maximum security for its user funds. Two-factor authentication and SSL encryption are integrated into the system to provide a thick wall of security for user accounts. Fund withdrawal must be done through email verification therefore even if online attackers somehow get into the user account, they will be unable to siphon out funds. In severe cases where the casino itself is under direct attack, CryptoGames has taken measures to protect user funds from attackers. The funds are stored in cold wallets meaning that they will be safe even if the casino is directly attacked by hackers. All of these impressive features ensure maximum security and protection for invaluable user funds and safeguard them from the reaches of the internet’s most deadly hackers.

Celebrate fabulous promotions and events which shower you with free coins and gifts!
CryptoGames loves celebratory events and promotions! The gambling site uses these events as an opportunity to reward its users with lots of free rewards! Gamblers are presented with the opportunity of winning remunerative rewards such as free coins, voucher codes and lottery tickets! Users can be notified about these events by following the social media and the Bitcointalk forum. There are also special events like Halloween and Christmas, where users are given free coins and are able to participate on various custom games hosted by the administrators. Users might also receive surprise gifts from CryptoGames from time to time. There is also a special No Bet Speed Limit, taking place on every Monday, where users can claim a higher number of coins as a larger number of bets per second can be placed.

Compete in lucrative wagering contests!
CryptoGames always encourages healthy competition, which is why it hosts monthly wagering contest and gives its gamblers a common ground to test their gambling potential. These contests are the ultimate test of luck and determination as gamblers from all around the world compete against each other to climb to the top of the leader board. Both veterans and new comers alike use these wagering contests to test their gambling prowess and become better gamblers. The champions of these wagering contests are showered with rewards and are applauded throughout the month. Exclusive VIP tags are also given to the winners of these contests which grant them access to special sitewide features! These tags last till the start of the next contest giving the victors ample time to enjoy their winnings. The following is a detailed list of rewards that given to the top position holders of the leader leaderboard, which may be subject to future change: 

  • BitcoinCash: Top position holders are awarded a total of 5 prizes that add up to 18.5 BCH.
  • Bitcoin: 3.84 and 828 lotto tickets are divided among the top 10 position holders on the leaderboard according to their position.
  • Dash: Top 5 position holders on the leaderboard are awarded a sum of 18.50 DASH.
  • Dogecoin:  975,000.00 DOGE and 320 lotto tickets are divided amongst the top 5 position holders on the leaderboard.
  • Ethereumclassic:  185.00 ETC is divided among the top 5 position holders on the leaderboard according on their position.
  • Ethereum: 21.80 ETH and 828 lotto tickets are divided among the top 10 position holders on the leaderboard.
  • NeoGas: 290.00 GAS total bonuses are divided among the top 10 position holders on the leaderboard.
  • Litecoin:  42.50 LTC total bonuses and 790 lotto tickets are divided among the top 7 position holders on the leaderboard.
  • Stratis: 1,155.00 STRAT total bonuses are divided among the top 5 position holders on the leaderboard according to their position
  • Monero – 23.30 XMR total bonuses are divided among the top 5 position holders on the leaderboard.

Support is always there to assist you when needed
CryptoGames has a support team comprised of individuals who are efficient in dealing with any issues or problems that may arise in the site. The chat box can be used as a Live Support by users to reach the required support. Support can also be reached directly through email and receive an answer within an hour. Even during weekends, you can expect to receive an answer. Support can also be reached through the bitcointalk forum via the announcement thread or by directly messaging them. Zendesk can be used for those who likes to be more organized by creating tickets and keeping track of their support replies.

Last Few Words
CryptoGames is the personification of quality entertainment and huge profits.  It provides a set of services that helps it generate enormous interest in the gambling community and draw huge numbers of gamblers to its site. It has security protocols that ensure maximum protection of user funds. Its mesmerizing library of old school games keeps users entertained for years on end. Its celebratory events and promotions bring joy to gamblers all over the site. Wagering contests hosted by the casino helps gamblers in developing their gambling potential and win lucrative rewards in the process. Lastly the site provides extensive support and care to users who ask for it. All of these features help the site in maintaining its elite position in the gambling world. A gambler’s ultimate goal is to receive the best entertainment the world of gambling has to offer. Join CryptoGames today and be one step closer into achieving your ultimate goal!

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