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Gambling platforms on the internet now deliver many conventional ideas to serve the growing population of modern gamblers with digital frameworks. Online casinos now try to accommodate cryptographic transaction measures for the players to explore crypto betting effortlessly. One of the many featured crypto casinos around the internet is, CryptoGames. 

CryptoGames is an online gambling spot with a reliable modern framework consistently supporting popular cryptocurrencies for entertainment. The website intends to compensate players with lucrative rewards without tampering in a safe environment for a futuristic gambling experience. The unique system at CryptoGames ensures that gamblers spend their digital currencies for advanced gaming experiences only after being entirely sure. The framework offers many ideal gaming components with a reasonable house edge, efficient UI design, and exemplary gambling policies. MuchGaming B.V manages the website under the approval of the Curacao Government. The UI of the casino offers additional functional components like BLOG and Forum where players can find detailed guides to all games and engage in stimulating discussions with players from all around the world. As hinted before, the casino is also great for new gamblers as they can get a free gaming experience with Play Money, allowing them to open their accounts at no expense.  

Set Up an Account

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The signup process for new users doesn’t require any personal information or financial details at the beginning stage. New players can create player profiles within a short time by entering a unique username and agreeing to all terms and conditions. Players will get access to Faucet and Referral links upon registration.

Ways for Completing Transactions

For a fully set up account, there are two accessible ways for completing transactions. One is an upgraded way that processes all deposits and exchanges through modern third-party aggregators, and the second process all exchanges, deposits, and withdrawals through the casino’s website. All fully registered players can access the games with their cryptocurrencies through third-party aggregators known as Onramper and ChangeNow or the casino’s system and any of the e-wallets recommended in the FAQ section. CryptoGames support:







Bitcoin Cash,


Ethereum Classic, and


Systems to Guard the Funds

CryptoGames ensures that its gambling spot is safe for everyone with highly dependable and well-equipped security systems that safeguard every one of its player’s information and fund amounts. CryptoGames safety measures include SSL encryption and Google 2FA, guaranteeing high security through validating every transaction request by the actual players. 

Classic and Fun Library of Games

Gamblers at CryptoGames find an assortment of 10 distinct games for enjoying the modern take on crypto entertainment. Out of the 10, one game is available for only 4 cryptocurrencies. That unique game is Lottery. Only Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin users can purchase tickets for the game. To learn about them in short, follow the descriptions below:

Dice (1.0 %)

Dice is a simple game suitable for all beginners as it has an excellent winning fidelity for each round. The new players can also access the game through the Play Now tab. In the game, players get to use all 10 cryptocurrencies along with Play Money to place their bets. At the end of each round, payouts (according to the multiplier they chose before) are handed to the players if their predictions match the result. There are Auto Bet and Progressive Jackpots for Dice. 

Blackjack (1.25%)

Blackjack is a highly engaging card game that CryptoGames offers its players in all new modern outlooks. The game allows the players to utilize Play Money and all 10 cryptocurrencies for the bets. In Blackjack, players may win the game if the first two cards they draw result in 21 or if they can beat the house by scoring better without going over the threshold point of 21. All Blackjack players must clearly understand the card values to beat the house effortlessly. 

Lottery (0 %)

For all Lottery enthusiasts, CryptoGames brings the utmost fair crypto version with a zero house edge policy. The game selects the lucky winners through a fair gambling feature called the “Random Picker” application. With the help of this third-party application, the casino ensures unbiased processing in each round. Players don’t need to follow troublesome rules to partake in the drawing. Lottery draws take place twice per week, varying for each of the 4 cryptocurrencies. In Lottery draws, there are 3 winners chosen for each cryptocurrency. 

Roulette (2.7%)

The popular Roulette is available at CryptoGames with a design highlighting an attractive Roulette wheel, a neatly designed betting mat, and colorful betting chips. The players may put down any number of chips on the mat in each round according to their instinct. The total betting sum will depend on the players’ number of chips on the mat and the payout will be according to that. The game has created an aiding feature, particularly for beginners. The feature is called “Neighbor Bets” where it arbitrarily puts the wagering chips on the mat when the player faces confusing turns. 

Plinko (1.72%)

Plinko is one of the games that excite amateur gamblers in all digital casinos with four different house edges and four different shaded balls. The game is designed with a simple layout highlighting the colorfully pegged pyramid showing the different payout multipliers in the 4 shades and their winning slots at the base. Plinko has basic rules that are simple to follow and accessible for all 10 cryptocurrencies and Play Money players. The 4 shades, red, green, blue, and yellow, each have their payout multiplier amounts, and players pick their most ideal choice in each round. The shade of the ball, its dedicated payout multiplier, and their separate house edges will sum up the Payout at the end, if the player’s ball reaches a winning slot.

DiceV2 (1.0 %)

DiceV2 comes bearing a unique, refreshed look that is more modernized with advanced features. The slider bar is the principal feature of the design that the players can use for various purposes, like changing the winning possibilities or adjusting the payout multiplier. When the game starts, the dice move from one point to the other on the bar and stop on the green zone if the result matches the prediction. Or else it stops outside the green zone. The payout multiplier will compensate the player if the dice land in the green zone.

Minesweeper (1.0 %)

Minesweeper’s open guidelines and flexible withdrawal option permit players to adjust the number of mines in each round and withdraw immediate rewards. And that implies that the game will not set the difficulty level for the players. All players have a fair chance to win as much as possible from the rounds without hitting any mine. The simple rules allow players to win multiple small rewards by gradually clearing the field. Players can also aim to win a more considerable amount by increasing the difficulty level.  

Videopoker (2.09%)

One of the most captivating card games at CryptoGames is Video Poker. The players can choose from 3 variants in the edgy version of Video Poker at CryptoGames. The three distinct renditions are Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker. A specific tab on the left corner of the game board drops down upon a click and shows the players the three variants to choose from. For every one of the three renditions, players will find three reasonably low house edges. 

Keno (1.0 %)

Keno is the tenth and the latest game added at CryptoGames. For many, the game is said to have a simple goal like the one of the Lottery. Players play the game on a field of numbers (1 to 40). Out of these 40 numbers, 1 to 10 can be picked by the player to predict the outcome. Players can select the numbers independently or through the Random Pick feature. In the end, if the players pick numbers that match the result, they will win and get compensated according to the payout multiplier. There are Auto Bet and Random Pick features for the game.

Slot (1.97%)

All 10 cryptocurrencies and Play Money users can play the game of Slot by observing straightforward guidelines. Beginners require no additional strategies or broad techniques to master the game. If the players succeed in securing any of the 7 combinations, they can easily win their payouts from each round. The payout amount varies according to the combinations presented for the game. Players can also run the machine for various settings through the Auto Bet feature.

How to Win Progressive Jackpots

By offering three progressive jackpots for Roulette, Dice, and DiceV2, respectively, CryptoGames increases the rush of excitement during the games. The progressive jackpots encourage the players to look out for lucrative rewards ranging from 1% to 100%. Hence, jackpot winners can take home a guaranteed share if they fulfill the simple rules. 

To Win Roulette’s Jackpot:

 Place 4 bets in a row with the same cryptocurrency and score a 7 four consecutive times.

 Win a larger payout than the sum wagered at the beginning of the bet. 

To Win Dice, DiceV2 Jackpots:

  • In the result, land or roll either 7.777 or 77.777
  • Ensure that the outcome is always a success
  • Ensure that the wining reward and bet sum meets the base sums mentioned in the rules

. Score a total of 77 in SHA512 after addition and encryption of the client and server seed

Straightforward and Unbiased Results

After the players place their bets, the CryptoGames system ensures that they are processed fairly and in the most straightforward way possible. The gamblers hold complete access to validate their bets with hashes and seeds, and every player on board receives the same priority, regardless of the player levels. Besides keeping every bet detail transparent, CryptoGames also provides Fair Gambling policies to ensure there are no options to win any bet wrongfully. That is why Random Picker picks Lottery winners to confirm absolute fairness. 

Month-long VIP Membership and VIP Rewards

Every month throughout the year, CryptoGames organizes healthy contests for gamblers. The monthly contests encourage the players to win VIP memberships and all their rewards with their skills. The VIP winners can enjoy the rewards until the next competition is announced. Players can make the best of their strategic and creative abilities to win the rounds of games. Players play trickier levels of the 10 games in the monthly contests. Participating gamblers try to win the VIP rewards like: 0.8% house edge to play Dice, zero server interruption, better and higher exchange limits for all their crypto trades, increased faucet levels and Play Money rewards for an entire month, and many more captivating rewards. 

Measures Taken By Their Gambling Policies

For all its players, CryptoGames offers an assortment of safe policies that promote responsible crypto gambling fun. Their safe gambling policies arrange security and entertainment all in sync. Customer Service effectively serves the users by resolving their questions and settling their concerns within the shortest time possible. The casino likewise centers its responsible gambling policies around strong actions that can help to prevent overindulgence. Two of the actions taken by the policies are Time Out and Self Exclusion. These two disable the player accounts upon request to help the players refrain from building any unsafe attraction for online betting. 

Advanced Gambling Services All at CryptoGames

With all its attributes, CryptoGames is an outstanding choice for beginners who have just started to form a curiosity regarding the online gambling industry. The whole architecture of the casino maintains a gaming environment liberated from biased or false processing at all costs. Each element complements the main structure as they are all useful parts of the UI. On top of that, all players can make the best use of BLOG and the FORUM to learn about the games in depth through detailed guidelines. The additional components encourage the players to check out every game for maximum entertainment. Thus, it is evident that CryptoGames is an unstoppable crypto casino that gathers gamblers from around the world, speaking various languages, for the safest and most upgraded gambling experiences.

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