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CryptoGames is a platform that offers a new era of online gambling, incorporating digital currencies and new-edge aesthetics into casino games. With the vast list of gambling platforms offering cryptocurrency-based transaction methods, entertainment is made more fun for gamblers worldwide. CryptoGames stands out from the crowd by offering a space for curious gamblers from any smart device.

General Concept of CryptoGames:

CryptoGames is an online casino that provides 11 widely popular cryptocurrencies and attracts many crypto enthusiasts for fair gambling services. The casino offers a compact and classy game selection with individual features for each game. The architecture is adaptable to mobile phones, which allows players to access the games anytime, anywhere.

Start Gambling Right Away:

New players can easily engage in 10 of the casino’s games for free with a user-friendly interface that provides a free gambling experience. To begin playing, players only need to create a username that is different from any other players’. The house edges of the games have been kept reasonable so that players get to win more from their winning bets.

CryptoGames’ Device Compatibility:

CryptoGames offers smooth and lightweight architecture for all devices, including mobile AKA device compatibility through its neatly presented layout. The entire website has NO pop-ups, redirect links, or any click baits. All of the games, including the ones with more complex designs like Roulette, Blackjack, Minesweeper, Keno, and Video Poker, can be played on the devices mentioned above from any location having a secured internet connection.

Rewarding Features, Offers, and Events for the Players:

CryptoGames created many rewarding features, offers, and events to keep up their growing number of loyal players on board. The space provides the mentioned extensions to bring more dimension to their crypto gambling services for the players. They also engage and reward them through various features like free play money, progressive jackpots, royal flush, etc, while hosting promotions and competitive events with plenty of rewards on the side.

Free Play Money and Cryptocurrencies at CryptoGames:

CryptoGames offers various ways for players to win free play money and cryptocurrencies. One such way is through the casino’s reward play currency, Play Money, which is exclusively available for new players to try out nine games. Players can earn Play Money by playing the games, and higher-level players can make up to 60 requests for Play Money daily through the free Faucet feature.

The Benefits of Play Money and the Faucet Feature:

Using Play Money, players can test out the casino’s games as many times as they want, without risking any of their real money. The Faucet feature is available for players to request more Play Money, and the number of requests available depends on the player’s level and VIP status. This feature is an excellent way for new players to gain experience and try out different games before using real money to gamble.

The RainBot Rewarding System:

Another free rewarding feature available at CryptoGames is the RainBot. The RainBot gives small amounts of cryptocurrencies to players who are active in the casino regularly. Players can increase their level by visiting the website, betting on the games, and interacting with other players through the Chatbox and Forum. Details on how the RainBot works are available in the FAQ section of the casino’s website.

Earn Rewards through Affiliate Program:

CryptoGames offers several ways for players to earn rewards and enjoy their entertainment services. Players can use referral links and promotional banners to invite their friends to join the casino and win off 15% of the house edge of every game played by their referred players. Successful referrals guarantee a lifetime of rewards for the players, regardless of the size or result of the bets placed by the referred gamblers.

VIP Membership Benefits:

CryptoGames offers monthly events and rewards that encourage players to compete for the casino’s grand VIP membership. VIP members receive various prizes for an entire month and have the opportunity to sustain them by winning the next events. VIP membership offers many benefits, including a lower house edge for the Dice game, faster bet processing, chatbox access, and higher exchange limits for all cryptocurrencies. VIP members also receive Voucher Drops and $100 worth of Bitcoins on their birthdays.

A Variety of Games with Provably Fair Gambling Technology:

CryptoGames offers a compact and classic variety of games that are easy to follow and understand, even for new gamblers with no prior experience. The casino uses up-to-date technology like Provably Fair Gambling to ensure complete fairness in the results. The automatic Auto Bet feature can run multiple rounds of bets effortlessly, and players can claim their rewards immediately after winning the round. Players can also immediately validate the results using seeds and hashes after processing each result.

Dice: Roll the Dice and Win Big at CryptoGames

Dice is the first game offered in the Play Now tab at CryptoGames. It is a user-friendly game with a potential winning range of 0.000 to 99.999, making it an ideal game for beginners. Players decide their bet amount and payout multiplier at the start, based on the winning chances. The game involves predicting the roll’s outcome and guessing if the chosen condition is correct out of two. The game also offers a Progressive Jackpot.

Slot: Spin the Reels and Strike Gold with Slot at CryptoGames

Slot has one of the easiest instruction sets for players with 7 winning combinations for the five reels. Players pre-select their bet amounts and size, and then click on the ‘Spin’ button to turn on the slot machine. Players can spin the Slot machine for multiple rounds using the Auto Bet feature. Once a winning combination lines up in the middle row (regardless of order), the players can claim their payout according to the value of the combination. The Slot has favorable winning chances.

Roulette: Bet Your Luck on Roulette at CryptoGames

Roulette’s European version is offered with a great house edge and a favorable payout table that follows the American version. Players place their neighbor bets and bet amount before spinning the wheel according to their strategies. The game offers an automatic feature called Neighbour Bet that can place the neighbor bets randomly. There are 4 automatic options in the feature. The game also offers a Progressive Jackpot.

Blackjack: Try Your Hand at Blackjack at CryptoGames

Blackjack (also known as 21) is one of the most classic card games for casino lovers. Players decide their bet amounts and size before the house deals the cards. The game involves forming a card combination with 21 or lower points. If the hand gets 21 points from the first two cards, the players can claim their rewards immediately. Players must know each card’s value to form a winning hand.

Lottery: Take Your Chance with Lottery at CryptoGames

The Lottery is a unique game at CryptoGames that can be played using only 4 cryptocurrencies by following simple instructions. Players purchase any number of tickets from the “Buy Ticket” tab or using Chat commands. Players select their preferred cryptocurrencies to purchase the tickets while considering the available pots, reward size, and draw days. The game also allows players to check the remaining tickets and their winning possibility on the same page.

Plinko: Drop the Ball and Win Big with Plinko at CryptoGames

Plinko is a crypto version of the game that is widely known at the casino as seen in the show “The Price is Right”. Players place their bet amounts and size before dropping a shaded ball from the top of a pyramid-shaped digitally pegged board. Plinko players can pick one of four colored balls: green, red, blue, and yellow. They can use the same or pick a different color of balls for each round, considering the house edge and payout table. The final reward will be given depending on the ball’s color, the winning slot number, and the color’s house edge.

Video Poker: Go All-In with Video Poker at CryptoGames

CryptoGames presents Video Poker in a modern crypto version with three lucrative extensions to the casino. In the game, players form a winning hand with the cards the house deals them with. They can only claim their rewards if they achieve the strongest winning hand using 5 cards. Players must learn the rankings of the cards before they begin the deals to increase their chances of winning. Three extensions of Video Poker are Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker

Keno: A Lottery-Like Game with a Sleek Design

Keno is a Lottery-like game where players pick up to 10 numbers from a field of 1-40. The game has a visually sleek design and compensates players according to the payout multipliers corresponding to the numbers they predicted correctly.

Minesweeper: A Flexibly Rewarding Game with an Instant Cash-Out Feature

Minesweeper’s classic popularity gets reflected in the CryptoGames version as the players are rewarded most flexibly in each round. The gamblers on board play the game effortlessly by utilizing the instant cash-out feature. The feature is only active as long as the players manage to stay away from the mines. If the instant cash-out option is activated for withdrawing a good amount, then the game ends instantly. However, if the feature is not enabled and the players fail to protect themselves from the mines, they will lose all the amounts they earn until that moment.

DiceV2: An Edgy Version of the Original Dice Game

DiceV2 is the edgier version of the original Dice game, where players must predict the roll’s outcome and set their bet amount and payout multiplier based on winning chances. If they predict correctly, the dice will stop in the green zone on the slider, and players will receive their payout.

CryptoGames Offered Financial Methods for Hassle-Free Transactions:

To ensure seamless transactions and provide convenience to its players, CryptoGames offers a range of financial methods. The casino accepts various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Solana, and Binance Coin. Players can deposit, withdraw, or exchange cryptocurrencies through two different systems. The regular method can be accessed from the “Your Account” Tab and provides individual links for each option. Players can set up their deposit and withdrawal addresses on the dedicated pages. The advanced method allows players to use their fiat currency to make deposits or exchange other cryptocurrencies through Onramper and ChangeNow. Additionally, the casino recommends several wallets in the FAQ section and provides various deposit alternatives.

CryptoGames Provides Uninterrupted Customer Support Services:

CryptoGames ensures that its new and existing players get consistent and helpful customer support services by offering a team of specialists who provide prompt solutions to their issues and queries. The casino’s live chat and support system operates 24/7 to assist players in understanding the deposit and withdrawal processes, game rules, and technical issues. Customers can also send emails for further assistance. The casino provides links to its social media handles and other communication channels at the footer on its website, enabling players to access the support team whenever they need assistance.

Security Measures at CryptoGames:

CryptoGames places high importance on user data privacy and fund protection, ensuring equal security measures for every player. The casino has incorporated advanced security measures into the architecture, such as Two-factor Authentication and SSL encryption, to raise the level of security for all accounts. To ensure that no outsider can reach the funds without proper permission, the casino also offers an Email verification process for all fund withdrawals. Even if the Two Factor Authentication is deactivated, Email verification remains active. Additionally, since the Curacao government has licensed CryptoGames, players can gamble in a safe and licensed environment.

Enjoy Classic Entertainment with CryptoGames Today!

CryptoGames offers a reliable gambling platform for both newbies and skilled gamblers to experience classic entertainment. The casino prioritizes customer satisfaction over profit margins, ensuring fair chances for everyone to participate in all activities. In a world dominated by digitalization, CryptoGames offers a refreshing take on the gambling industry. We recommend choosing CryptoGames for a modern take on traditional gambling and promise an enjoyable wagering experience.

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