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CryptoDaddy is a dating service that will revolutionize the sugar dating market via Web3 technology. Built by three pseudonymous crypto-currency-rich “daddies,” the team claims to have solved the pain points crypto whales face in the sugar dating market. Built on Web3 technology and the $RICH platform token, CryptoDaddy is now inviting prospective sugar daddies to verify their on-chain wealth on the website ( and unlock special benefits from hot babes as the verified wealth reaches the 10M milestone.

Are you a crypto whale looking for companionship?

CryptoDaddy is built by people who have made their money in crypto and are looking to efficiently establish long-term relationships in the dating market. There are many attractive people looking to spend time with a successful and generous partner. CryptoDaddy’s unfakable proof-of-wealth technology will help crypto whales find the partner they’re looking for with much more reliability and privacy than driving fancy sports cars to nightclubs to show off wealth.

First, prove your on-chain wealth to attract babes.

Proving your wealth on traditional Web2 dating sites is painfully invasive and requires disclosing private information such as tax returns and bank accounts. Building trust with new people you meet online can be a difficult challenge. CryptoDaddy solves these problems with native Web3 technologies. The team created the anonymous proof-of-wealth service for crypto whales to show off net worth and protect while protecting their privacy.

Second, use the “Know Your Babe” services to prevent dating fraud.

How do you know if your online sugar baby is a hot model or a greasy scammer hiding behind stolen Instagram photos? Find out using CryptoDaddy‘s “Know Your Babe” service. CryptoDady collaborates with trusted third-party KYC services for fraud prevention and allows babes to securely share their personal data, including verified photos, age, gender, marital status, and more.

Third, build trusted relationships enforced by smart contracts.

Smart contracts elegantly solve the problem of proving to babes that rich and successful daddies have reserved financial assets to take care of them while only allowing the funds to be distributed gradually with consent. Easily build trusted relationships with people you have only just met. Additionally, CryptoDaddy also provides various types of NFT and smart contract gifts designed to satisfy babes and give a helping hand to daddies when choosing a present for Valentine’s day.

Enjoy wonderful dates with $RICH associated services!

“We believe that money can’t buy love but can buy the opportunity to find it,” said Daddy X, co-founder of CryptoDaddy. In CryptoDaddy, all dating services are empowered by the platform token “$RICH.” $RICH holders can use their tokens to buy gifts, stake to request various dating services (e.g., know-your babe service, online dating, health checkups, travel arrangements), and governance of the CryptoDaddy social network. Holding $RICH tokens shows their owner’s sincerity and spending power. “Enjoy pleasant relationships and stay tuned for expanded $RICH utilities in the Web3 dating and social network space”, said Daddy X.

Built by Whales, for Whales

True to its name, CryptoDaddy was founded by three pseudonymous whales calling themselves Daddy X, Y, and Z. The team publicizes proof that they control millions of crypto assets on their landing page and that they’re rich enough to afford to have those assets just sitting idly. They claim that anyone can check the validity of the messages signed by their private keys on Etherscan. As to the source of their wealth, Daddy X claims to be a tech founder with successful exits, while Daddy Y and Z claim to be a shadowy smart contract developer, and a Defi degenerate, respectively. “We are not only initiating a dating revolution, but we are also building the product that people like us personally want to have,” said Daddy X, Y, and Z.

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