Cryptocurrency Launchpad CoreStarter Unveils Lucrative Opportunity to Empower Novice Investors


Cryptocurrency launchpad CoreStarter has unveiled its product features for DeFi projects in the crypto space. CoreStarter, an innovative cross-chain fundraising platform with an inbuilt NFT marketplace and high yield staking intends to empower investors and reward them for their investments, regardless of how deep their pockets are. According to the team, CoreStarter aims to connect early-stage DeFi projects with the community, raising funds that will kickstart the project’s activities.

CoreStarter Intends to Create Equal Opportunities for Investors

CoreStarter is an innovative blockchain launchpad that strives to create a balance where there will be no barrier to earning. Typical fundraising platforms reward investors according to their investments. This model usually rewards large investors and disregards small investors. CoreStarter identified this problem and decided to create an algorithm that will reward small investors with any amount that they stake.

CoreStarter’s model aims to create an equal opportunity for investors without leaving small investors at the disadvantage, thanks to its reverse algorithm. According to the fundraising platform, long-term stakers are rewarded for their loyalty and have a higher chance of winning a lottery ticket for the IDO. Through the platform’s staking program, DeFi projects get the required funds to kickstart their startups.

Offering Blockchain Integrations to Increase Utility

Interoperability and fragmentation has always been an issue for fundraising platforms. Blockchain, such as Ethereum, only supports its native token ETH, and not others. Same goes to other blockchain networks, such as Solana and Bitcoin. This causes friction in the transfer of assets from one chain to another, preventing fundraising platforms from raising liquidity from the networks.

CoreStarter as an innovative platform allows blockchain integrations and reduces fragmentation of liquidity across chains. The platform’s developers emphasize the need to bridge the gap between investors and DeFi projects. The emergence of the platform serves as an ideal solution to this problem.

Funding Quality DeFi Projects Remains Top Priority

CoreStarter’s mission is to see that projects are rightfully funded, but not all projects enlisted on the platform are approved to be funded. According to the developers, each project enlisted is authenticated by the stakeholders or token holders of the platform. Projects are properly scrutinized to ensure that they serve their true purposes.

Projects are then funded by the stakeholders using the platform’s CSTR token. CSTR token is the platform’s native token, and it empowers investors to take part in fundraising events and influence decisions regarding the project proposal. The governance token holders can stake the tokens to yield high APY.

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