Cryptocurrency gains and wealth management – what are your next steps?

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Much of the appeal of the various digital currencies is based on the fast moving, dynamic nature that dominates the whole space. Whereas other forms of financial trading have their more active areas, they are nothing in comparison to the ever-expanding opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies.

Newcomers to this space will often think that it’s all really about Bitcoin, Ethereum and maybe one or two others, and quickly come to the realization that there is almost endless potential on offer for those who want to take things seriously.  

Any form of success in this space can potentially lead to large profits. As many people are unlikely to sit and watch their balances rise, fall and rise again for the foreseeable future without making any withdrawals, they are going to want to do something with that newly realized wealth in the ‘outside world’.

Dovetailing with more traditional methods 

While gains in the digital space take all of the headlines, combining those type of investments with those offered by a personalized wealth management plan could help you make the most of the new possibilities open to you. It might be fair to say that your life expectations will have increased as a result of your activities with digital currencies, and that as a result, your goals will have changed, too.

While property ownership may have previously been a goal, the type of property involved may now be different, as might the number of them you would wish to acquire. Your expectations regarding cars and vacations will also have changed, and naturally your imagined retirement age might have moved considerably nearer. Having a plan for all of these goals can help bring them closer and make them a reality, as well as managing some other, critical factors you might not have been aware of.

Be aware of taxation

Despite cryptocurrencies, as the name suggests, being generally recognized as currencies, the IRS currently consider them as property, so any profit made on them when you convert them back to US currency will be taxable at whatever capital gains tax rate would normally apply. So, if for instance, you bought $100 of bitcoin and that is now worth $5,000, then you would need to pay the appropriate amount of tax on your $4,900 profit.

This is something that is often overlooked by those in the cryptocurrency space and might prove to be a big problem for the unwary. Of course, the unwanted upshot of this is that should you make a loss, the amount lost could be deducted from your earnings for tax purposes.

To sum things up

The cryptocurrency space is a dynamic and exciting prospect for all those who enter it, especially those who find success and enjoy the financial rewards as a result. However, there can be problems once you have moved those profits out of that digital space, so looking to traditional methods to make the most of the situation both now and in the future should not be overlooked.

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