Cryptocurrencies In These 5 Market Segments May Be Worth Investing In

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Investing in cryptocurrencies is always a daunting task. With thousands of currencies to choose from, it can be challenging to make a well-informed decision. Looking beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, the following categories all provide worthwhile investment options, based on the recent seven-day performance. 

Sports (+268.1%)

Several sports-related cryptocurrencies have started to gain significant momentum as of late. Fantasy Gold (FGC) and Chiliz (CHZ) lead the pack with monster gains of 284.5% this past week. STV, APL, BAR, PSG, and TRA are related sports teams’ tokens that note a strong price performance. This market seems to be getting a lot of attention, even though it remains advised to investigate these projects before making any investment thoroughly. 

Gaming (+79.5%)

Rumors of merging video games with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have persisted for many years. It has taken years for projects to become successful in this space, but things are heading in the right direction. This week’s top gainers include XED, DG, WOA, REVV, and WAVE, which all note price increases of 41.2% to 71.6% in the past week. 

Music (+72.3%)

In theory, there are unlimited possibilities to merge the music industry with cryptocurrencies and blockchains. There are only a handful of projects capable of making an impact so far in the real world. Many projects have come and gone in this space, but some tend to stick around. This week’s gainers include AUDIO, EMT, and PTM, all of which are still low-market cap currencies. Whether they will remain relevant in the months and years to come is impossible to predict.  

Automated Market Maker AMM (+62.3%)

It is often a no-brainer to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure or decentralized projects. Automated Market Makers, or AMMs, enjoy a lot of attention over the past few months. As competition heats up, things are bound to get rather interesting in the coming months. RAY, ANY, PERP, BAL, and BNT are the tokens noting the most significant gains in the past week. However, Uniswap and Sushiswap continue to dominate the landscape when filtered by market capitalization. 

Metaverse (+57.3%)

Transcending the physical realm with blockchain technology can usher in a new era of marketing, simulation, and much more. Notable projects in this segment include AXS, DG, ENJ, OVR, and SAND. There is an unlimited amount of potential in the blockchain-based metaverse, yet it remains to be seen which options all of these projects will pursue. Bridging the real and virtual world can unlock some intriguing use cases. 

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