Crypto Winter: Could MetaCryp, Ethereum, Filecoin Break New High in the Coming Weeks?


The world market is down and this is also affecting cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies, like many other assets, on and offline, depend on fiat values to make real-world economic sense. Until there is full crypto adoption where we can spend cryptocurrencies without needing to exchange them for fiat, crypto will continue to depend on fiat currencies.

The crypto winter is one of the setbacks of the crypto industry in 2022 which started in late 2021 after the crypto market hit its all-time high of around $3 trillion. The crypto meltdown has had a devastating effect on so many crypto enthusiasts who may have blindly followed the craze.

The crypto winter may be here, but not for some select cryptocurrencies set to explode soon. This includes Ethereum, Filecoin, and MetaCryp Token (MTCR). Let’s see more on them in this article.

Ethereum enters Q4 2022 with positive news

Ethereum has continued to trade tightly on entering the fourth quarter of 2022 despite Bitcoin falling below investors’ anticipated lowest trading levels before an SMA turnover to around $22k.

Ethereum successfully maintained its price levels and instead chose to range tightly (and possibly show little price additions) in the latest price analysis in Q4 2022. Ethereum’s ranging price level could mean undecidedness in the market, as a result of the Ethereum merge and the fickle news around the Ethereum network which could either go in favor of traders or against them.

The merge will likely be successful because the series of testing on Ethereum confirms it. Investors are all on the lookout for more evidence to enter a strong buy on Ethereum in the coming weeks.

Filecoin shows potential to bounce back to normal and higher prices

Filecoin, dubbed “the decentralized storage network for humanity’s most important information,” makes this list because of its promising trend signals.

After taking a strong hit from the 2022 crypto winter, Filecoin is on the verge of becoming one of the positives of this year. Investors have continued to show strong interest in Filecoin (FIL) which has sent its prices soaring.

With the growing demand for cloud computing and storage facilities, alongside blockchain technology, Filecoin will be a frontline cryptocurrency to get a massive future appraisal in the industry. This means a good future for its coin hodlers.

MetaCryp Token already making shocking uptrend moves

MetaCryp Token (MTCR) is the latest DeFi startup to do a presale. The presale is expected to last until the first week of December. MetaCryp is dedicating 30% of its total supply of 500 million MTCR tokens to the presale.

MetaCryp is bent on making cryptocurrencies more appealing to businesses and individuals following a long-hard crypto year. Its innovation comprising NFT trading, liquidity mining, the Metaverse, and play-to-earn digital services will disrupt DeFi and introduce a broader scope to benefiting in DeFi.

The MetaCryp Token (MTCR) will be used in tandem with activities in the ecosystem. This will impose more value and power on $MTCR. Another important thing to know about MetaCryp’s presale is the bonuses that come with the program. For instance, you receive an instant 32% bonus upon signing up and making your first purchase.

Learn more on MetaCryp Token below:

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