Crypto Whales Are Picking Up ImmutableX (IMX), Access Protocol (ACS) and Uwerx (WERX) AS Best Cryptos Of 2023


The blockchain industry is filled with innovative projects and cryptocurrency options, and many aims to revolutionize a specific field or industry by implementing decentralization.

One such project is Uwerx, a platform built to disrupt the freelancing space and provide all the benefits of blockchain technology to freelancers or clients that aim to connect and conduct business.

The ImmutableX (IMX) cryptocurrency and Access Protocol (CAS) cryptocurrency have seen whale activity, but the UWERX token and its presale can also be the next option for these investors and traders.

Why Whales Are Gravitating Towards ImmutableX (IMX) and Access Protocol (ACS)

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Immutable X(IMX) is a Layer-2 scaling solution purpose-built to help Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that have been created on top of Ethereum (ETH). It enables instantaneous trading, high scalability, and zero gas fees for minting or training.

ImmutableX (IMX) is developed with STARK by StarkWave, a prover and roll-up technology.

The ImmutableX (IMX) cryptocurrency is utilized for numerous aspects of the ecosystem, including the payment of protocol fees, staking, and governance.

On March 15, 2023, the ImmutableX (IMX) token was trading at a value of $1.23

Analysts predict the price forecast for the ImmutableX (IMX) cryptocurrency for Q4 of 2023 is $1.72. As for Q4 of 2025, ImmutableX (IMX)’s maximum value will be $3.56.

Access Protocol (ACS) is a model monetization layer that shifts how content creators monetize content.

The platform allows content creators and those that publish digital media to monetize their work. Instead of using a traditional subscription payment model, they can stake the Access Protocol (ACS) token to receive access to specific premium content.

As of March 15, 2023, the Access Protocol (ACS) token is trading at $0.0045. Analysts predict its value can reach $0.019 by the end of Q4 2023. By the end of Q4 2025, Access Protocol (ACS)’s maximum value can reach $0.042.

Based on these predictions, it is clear why interest in ImmutableX (IMX) and Access Protocol (ACS) is high, but one other project can leap ahead in terms of growth and value, and we strongly believe that this project is Uwerx.

Uwerx (WERX) and Its Value In The Freelance Industry

Uwerx is a protocol in the development phase, aiming to support freelancers on a global scale when it launches.

The Uwerx platform will be decentralized and trustless, aiming to be the alternative to the currently centralized market services available to those who work remotely. Uwerx can use blockchain technology to build a technological infrastructure superior to its competition using traditional, centralized technology.

“Canada will need an additional 200,000 tech professionals,” said Jon Younger on Forbes.

By using Uwerx, users will be able to gain access to immutable records that can remove fraud and smart contracts that can replace escrow periods, and because it’s built on top of the Polygon Network, it will have access to a distributed ledger that will keep accurate records of all the work that a freelancer has done, protecting their intellectual property rights. The fee is also at just 1% as it removes centralized, third-party services.

The Reason Uwerx (WERX) Can Be A New Hit Among Whales

Solidproof and InterFi Network audited the protocol before the presale, and the liquidity, once the presale completes, will be locked for 25 years.

Analysts that are in the loop surrounding the freelancing industry have seen the WERX token, Uwerx’s native cryptocurrency has a bullish run in the future.

At the start of the presale, WERX is offered at $0.012. Analysts predict it can reach $0.75 by Q4, 2023. By Q4 of 2025, the cryptocurrency can reach $1.

Investors interested in this new and exciting freelance-industry-specific project can join the presale by visiting the links below.

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