There are many ways for consumers to access the cryptocurrency space. Using a mobile device manufactured by Samsung works surprisingly well, assuming one wants to rely on the Gemini exchange.

It is interesting to note how technology giants are slowly adopting a pro-crypto stance.

Samsung Taps Gemini for Crypto Buying

Albeit there is still plenty of work to be done, Samsung is creating a very prominent example.

Through the Blockchain Wallet found on flagship devices, users can now purchase crypto assets directly from the Gemini exchange.

This is made possible thanks to a partnership between Samsung and Gemini. 

It is expected that over 4 million users in the US and Canada will gain access to crypto assets this way.

As is usually the case, it remains to be seen if anyone will give this option a shot. 

Having this option available to oneself through a non-custodial wallet solution is a very big step in the right direction.

This is great news for novice crypto users, as most people will not install a separate app for their crypto needs.

As such, having a proper solution installed by default can make a world of difference.

Funds bought through this method can keep funds in Samsung’s wallet or transfer it to Gemini Custody.


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