Crypto Solutions Agency (CSA.) launches digital marketing service

CryptoMode CSA

Established in 2021, Crypto Solutions Agency (CSA.) provides the most optimal service for blockchain companies.  As a one-stop service for crypto projects, CSA aims to accompany businesses, from strategy to execution, to bring the best out of crypto projects. 

CSA is enthusiastic about new ideas, new market trends in the blockchain world and even more excited to be involved in helping to turn those ideas into reality. Understanding that businesses often encounter the problem of lacking human resources with required skills, CSA’s founders have gathered a team of knowledgeable and experienced personnel in various fields, including Management, Finance, Marketing, Blockchain Technology, Software Development.

Our key services include: 

  • Community Building and Shilling Service;
  • Comprehensive Marketing Planning; 
  • Blockchain & NFT Consulting; 
  • Fundraising Consulting; 
  • Token Listing;
  • Website & Whitepaper Development… and all other services and tasks during a crypto project implementation process. 

The blockchain world is constantly and rapidly evolving, that’s why CSA sets up a very experienced Research team to capture the market and create value from client’s ideas before the game changes again. When working with CSA, the team will learn thoroughly about the business, the idea and desire of the client to design and deliver campaigns with the greatest promise for success. CSA’s goal is to find ways to maximise the value of these crypto projects at all stages of the process and more importantly, to survive market disruption. 

Members of CSA are highly experienced in their fields. Clients will certainly be satisfied with the professionalism, knowledgeability and dedication of each CSA’s team member. CSA will help advancing and unleashing full potential of any crypto project. 

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Address: Floor 2, 60B Nguyen Huy Tuong Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Contact person: Mr Duc Le – CEO/ Founder of CSA. 

[email protected]

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