Crypto Service Provider Tagomi Joins the Libra Association


There are many different opinions regarding Facebook and its Libra digital currency. Expanding upon the Libra Association remains a crucial aspect for the company to explore.

So far, it would appear that things are heading in the right direction.

The Libra Association Keeps Expanding

Following the addition of Shopify, another member has been added to the list.

Tagomi, a crypto prime broker, will become part of the Libra Association moving forward.

Those unfamiliar with Tagomi may be interested in knowing how this service provides access to cryptocurrency markets.

It is primarily designed to accommodate the needs of big traders and hedge funds. 

For such a company to join the Libra Association is rather interesting..

Virtually all crypto-related service providers have shown zero interest in Facebook’s project.

Among crypto enthusiasts, the general feeling is how Facebook wants to build a watered-down version of Bitcoin, subject to censorship, exclusion, and mass surveillance.

Whether that sentiment is warranted, remains to be determined.

Launching this digital currency will not happen overnight due to regulatory concerns.

Joining the Libra Association comes at  a cost for Tagomi.

The company will need to contribute at least $10 million toward the development of this project.

This has been a roadblock for most initial founders, as various companies have withdrawn support from this project.

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