Crypto season rallies into all time highs since 2021, Here are the top 8 Memecoins to buy


Cryptocurrency is a form of digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. The term “cryptocurrency” is derived from the encryption techniques which are used to secure the network. We will teach you not only how to find the next popping meme coin or altcoin to purchase as meme coin season rallies 

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Here are a few defining features of cryptocurrencies

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Decentralized: Most cryptocurrencies operate on technology called blockchain, a decentralized system spread across many computers that manage and record transactions. Decentralization is a key aspect of cryptocurrencies, as it implies there’s no central authority, such as a government or financial institution, in control of the cryptocurrency. This makes cryptocurrencies potentially immune to government interference or manipulation.

Anonymity: Transactions made with cryptocurrencies can be made semi-anonymously. While transaction details are available on the blockchain, the identities of the sender and the recipient are encrypted and are not publicly disclosed, providing a level of privacy to users.

Security: Due to the cryptographic nature of these currencies, they are difficult to counterfeit. Transactions on the blockchain cannot be reversed, which can prevent fraud.

Accessibility: Since you only need internet access to use cryptocurrencies, they can be accessible to people in remote areas or those without access to traditional banking systems.

Cryptocurrencies can be used for a wide range of applications. Some serve a specific use case, like facilitating smart contracts, or providing a private way to transact. Hollywood x PEPE and of course Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, is seen by many as digital gold and a store of value. Other well-known cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, which enables the execution of smart contracts, and Ripple, which is used in the settlement of international financial transactions.

It’s important to note that while cryptocurrencies have numerous potential benefits, they also come with risks. These include volatility, regulatory issues, and security risks like hacking. Always do your own research and consider your risk tolerance when dealing with cryptocurrencies.


1. Hollywood X PEPE 

Currently taking the lead in the meme coin space, Hollywood X PEPE has reportedly sold over 1.2 million in presale, indicating strong initial interest and backing. The association with the popular Pepe meme suggests a potentially vibrant community around it. However, it’s essential to investigate the coin’s overall utility, development team, and roadmap to better understand its future prospects.


2. AiDoge

Details of AiDoge weren’t available in my last update, but the name suggests a likely link to Dogecoin and perhaps an AI theme. As always, thorough research is critical to understand a coin’s premise, utility, and community support before investing.


3. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Initially launched as a joke, Dogecoin has grown substantially due to its enthusiastic community, massive circulation, and high-profile supporters like Elon Musk.


4. Shiba Inu (SHIB) 

Known as the “Dogecoin Killer,” this ERC-20 token gained popularity as another dog-themed meme coin. It stood out due to its large circulation and aims to create a decentralized ecosystem.


5. Elon Musk Doge Token (ELON)

This coin capitalized on the popularity of Elon Musk and his supportive tweets about Dogecoin. It’s designed to reward long-term holders.


6. Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE)

Marketed as the “son of Dogecoin,” Baby Doge Coin also uses a model that rewards holders, but with a higher redistribution rate.


7. Akita Inu (AKITA) 

This is another coin in the Inu (dog) family. Akita Inu was marketed as a 100% decentralized community experiment, with half the tokens sent to Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin, and the other half locked in a Uniswap pool.


8. Hoge Finance (HOGE) 

This DeFi meme coin gives holders a form of passive income, as a 2% tax is applied to each transaction, half of which is distributed among existing token holders.

Despite the potentially substantial returns, meme coins also come with significant risks. Always conduct thorough research, understand the specific risks, and consider seeking advice from a financial advisor if necessary.

Now as far as all of this hype around these new Twitter coins Ben.Eth and Psyop, we are unsure when it comes to the future of Ben.Eth as we do not know much about the project. These projects listed above have massive potential for long term gains. 

You are not going to want to miss out on these projects as Ben.eth raised over 30 Million USD with Hollywood X PEPE tailing them as they raise almost 2 million within moments of their presale dropping to the public. This fair-launch presale will bring in multiple investors as Hong-Kong and China work out Crypto trading technicalities with current legalization.

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