Crypto Scam Warning: Slibit

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As the summer draws closer, the number of potential cryptocurrency scams is on the rise once again. Fake exchanges remain a very popular option to explore for criminals, of which Slibit is a perfect example.

There are many ways to dupe cryptocurrency holders these days.

Avoid Slibit Unless you Want to Lose Money

One often attempted approach is by claiming to give users free Bitcoin.

To redeem those airdrops, users will need to register on a shady exchange, in this case, Slibit.

As such, users who register will see an amount of BTC credited to their account in quick succession.

However, they will never be able to withdraw money either.

In order to do so, the “airdrop recipients” are asked to deposit a sum of Bitcoin first.

Why anyone would fall for such cheap tactics, is very difficult to understand.

Once a user deposits funds, they will never be able to get that back either.

It is a common tried and tested method that remains successful in 2020.

It is not hard to see why Slibit should be avoided at all costs.

Looking beyond the obvious bait and switch, the domain is new, there is no information on the owner, and so forth.

Users always need to be vigilant when something is offered tot hem free of charge, especially in the Bitcoin world. 

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