Crypto Researcher: Gnox Token (GNOX) Supply Reduction From Billions To Millions Is A Great Milestone For Project And Investors, Ethereum (ETH) Holders Take Notice

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The name of the game in crypto investing is “tokenomics.” The economics of a token can determine whether or not it might be a wise investment or will just get investors rekt. For example, Ethereum is on the path to making its ether token (ETH) deflationary. That means the supply will constantly be decreasing, thus raising the value of each remaining token. 

Now there’s a hyper-deflationary DeFi project that you might be interested in investigating. It’s called Gnox Token (GNOX). 

Gnox is deflationary for two reasons. First — and this is an interesting feature — GNOX tokens are being burned during a 3-phase ICO. (It’s not common to burn tokens before a project has even launched.) At each phase of the presale, more tokens are burned, thus increasing the price of the token. Currently, in Phase 2, $GNOX has risen from $0.0152 to $0.016. Upon Phase 3, the price will go up to $0.0165. 

That’s just the beginning of the deflationary aspect of the token. After launch, GNOX will undergo a monthly buy-back-and-burn event.

That sounds great, but what is Gnox Token? It’s actually a new way to greatly streamline DeFi investing for new crypto investors and those who don’t have the time to research and diversify. 

The Gnox team has developed an aggregation system for researching DeFi opportunities. The system collects data on scores of passive income opportunities across several different platforms and blockchains. The information is used to finance a diverse basket of investments. Profits from these activities are then used to buy back and burn GNOX tokens. 

The company calls this system “yield farming as a service.” The process is similar to hiring a financial manager. By simply buying GNOX tokens, holders are able to take advantage of the incentives offered on staking and lending platforms and liquidity pools. All of the research required to identify and vet the various opportunities is done by a crack team of experienced DeFi analysts.

The investment funds come out of a 10% royalty from the sale of GNOX tokens, 6% of which goes into a treasury. Those funds are used to invest in a diversified basket of passive income opportunities. Profits from these investments are then used to buy back and burn GNOX tokens. 

Another 1% is distributed via air-drop back to holders of the token once every hour. These two mechanisms both increase the number of tokens for holders and increase the spot price of the token on an ongoing basis — forever. The rest is used to grow the platform and the network. 

Diversification into several different platforms greatly reduces risk. However, the fact is that most investors don’t have the time or knowledge to be able to identify several great staking, lending, and pooling opportunities and then babysit all of them.  

As mentioned, the presale is currently in Phase 2. Phase 3 begins July 12th and runs through August 12th. And the platform itself is scheduled to launch in mid-August.

Check out Gnox’s website to learn more about this unique and innovative DeFi project.

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