Crypto Price Prediction: Big Eyes Coin And Hedera Could Exceed the $1 Price Mark In the Coming Year


According to analysts, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) could make history by being the first meme coin to cross the $1 mark. The cryptocurrency is at presale at a low price, but the impressive run that saw it raise $1 million within a week has made many focus on the crypto asset. Experts believe it will become a top crypto asset per market capitalization if the analysis goes as predicted.

We review Big Eyes (BIG) alongside Hedera, a low crypto asset with huge potential to cross the one-dollar mark soon.

Fastest Speeds Anywhere You’ll See – Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera is an enterprise-grade public Blockchain network that enables businesses and developers to build sustainable and scalable DApps and other digital infrastructures. The carbon negative platform boasts 10× faster speed than its counterparts.

Hedera uses proof-of-stake powered by its Hashgraph consensus to achieve the highest security grade while ensuring swift transaction speed, low bandwidth usage, low fees, high throughput, and finality in seconds.

The platform offers token services (Tokenization) where users can create their fungible and non-fungible tokens, and you can leverage its smart contract services to build DApps and decentralized protocols. The platform native token HBAR performs dual functions within the network.

It facilitates Hedera services ranging from smart contract execution, tokenization, file storage, and other regular transactions. It’s also responsible for the platform’s security through staking. The crypto asset has $1.3+ billion in market cap and reached an all-time high of $0.57 in the previous bull run.

Hedera (HBAR) is currently valued between $0.05 – $0.10, but it has been tipped to rally above $1 during the peak of the bull market rally in the coming year. This makes it a good project to consider in anticipation of a favorable market.

The Cutest Animated Cat Since Garfield — Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes is a presale token far below the one-dollar market price. The predicted market price doesn’t look unachievable, considering that top meme assets have made crypto millionaires in the past. The crypto asset has related utility from top crypto sectors and could be a strong factor that could see it rally beyond $1 in the coming months.

The meme coin will increase DeFi’s profitability and adoption in its ecosystem while providing beneficial resources for growth purposes. Big eyes (BIG) is built on the Ethereum blockchain and features a decentralized exchange for the easy token swap. It aims to be an ecosystem of opportunities and benefits that can spur users’ growth.

Big Eyes have various contests and rewarding mechanisms to ensure continuous growth of its community and ensure increased market prominence as well. The crypto asset developers set aside 5% of the treasury for marketing campaigns to ensure the meme coin gains massive market acceptance.

It also sets aside funds for charity intervention, especially in the aquatic space of the world’s ecosystem. The project will fund marine protection endeavors to ensure optimal safety of the ocean body. This real-life intervention is another factor responsible for the meme coin’s popularity.

Big Eyes is one of the best projects released in 2022, and it will hope to retain this title with a price increase in the coming year. This price increase could peak at $1 in the long run. An early purchase now could see you enjoy a huge profit margin. Join Big Eyes presale now to be a potential beneficiary of its predicted price increase.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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