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The industry’s first Blockchain PR agency and crypto press release distribution service, Bitcoin PR Buzz offers free consultation and press release to aid the community in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

June 23rd, 2020, Tbilisi, Georgia – Founded in 2012, Bitcoin PR Buzz has a long-standing reputation in the cryptocurrency sphere and is now looking to offer its expertise as a PR agency and press release distribution service. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses worldwide and many companies have not been able to adapt their PR plans to the new circumstances which may have long-lasting effects. Blockchain based companies and projects are now welcome to a one-hour free marketing consultation and a free press release publication on over 45 sites, worth $500

Alex Thurston, CEO of Bitcoin PR Buzz explains,

“It has been a difficult year for the world, with the largest pandemic in our lifetime. We are sad to see the unprecedented consequences that are wreaking havoc on the global market. We are now looking to help the cryptocurrency community through this crisis in any way we can, the same community that has supported us for the past 8 years.”

All blockchain based projects, whether it be start-ups looking to enter the market or established companies looking to increase reach, user base or traffic, can take advantage of this free service to gain the most effective strategy to connect with users, followers and investors. An experienced PR consultant specialised in the cryptocurrency industry will conduct an exclusive and extensive, one-hour PR and marketing consultation; completely free of charge. The free offer includes: 

  • A full analysis of the company’s website, social media, and web presence for improvement points before the meeting is held, with suggestions and strategies advised during the meeting.
  • Competitive advantage through analysis of main competitor’s strategies to help the company stay ahead of the curve.
  • Re-strategizing of PR methodology to suit individual organizational requirements and budget, whilst obtaining maximum impact.
  • A PDF summary of the call with action points and a discount for future services. 
  • Publication of the company’s pre-written press release on Bitcoin PR Buzz and BitcoinNews.
  • Publication on 45+ additional news sites in Bitcoin PR Buzz’ network. 

Speaking on the importance of PR, Alex continued;

A well-crafted and adapted PR strategy is vital to survive and even thrive in difficult circumstances. We are hoping that this free PR strategy consultation and press release will help companies to expand their reach and influence.”

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About Bitcoin PR Buzz: 

Founded during Bitcoin’s infancy by Bitcoin enthusiasts; Bitcoin PR Buzz is the original Bitcoin PR agency, and the oldest newswire in the blockchain sector with over 8 years’ experience in cryptocurrency PR and online Bitcoin marketing. Bitcoin PR Buzz has since worked with over 800 clients and distributed over 1,400 press releases and articles.

With a network of 200+ mainstream and cryptocurrency news sites, Bitcoin PR Buzz newswire service include guaranteed publication on Coin Telegraph,,,,,,,, Coin Idol, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Business Insider and many more. Launch a full content marketing campaign today.

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