A lot of cryptocurrency users tend to sue the MacOS operating system. That is not problematic, even though the availability of crypto apps on this platform remains fairly limited.

It now seems as if the list has been expanded upon with the release of Crypto Pro.

MacOS Users can now use Crypto Pro

Albeit other solutions exist to track one’s crypto portfolio, competition is never a bad thing.

This new macOS app has been available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch for some time now.

Initial versions of this software package began surfacing back in 2015.

Nearly five years later, a similar solution is now available for MacBook users.

All of the data in the app is synchronized through Dropbox or iCloud, depending on one’s preferences. 

The developer claims how no personal information is collected when users track their crypto portfolio through this application.

There is also support for live prices, news articles, and setting up price alerts, among other things. 

For macOS users, having more options at their disposal is always a positive development.

It is also getting some good reviews from users so far, which is something to keep an eye on.

There are also in-app purchases, albeit they are not required to enjoy the core functionality of Crypto Pro at this time.


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