Crypto Newcomers Should Invest in: Uniglo (GLO), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH)


While the general economy continues to struggle with rising inflation, the cryptocurrency market might be turning a corner soon. Some of the well-known cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are turning green in the charts and could finally be strong enough to push for bullish momentum that will take the rest of the market with them.

Newcomers to this investment space could bet on the heavyweights for security and assurance. However, while investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum might be obvious moves at this time, a less-than-popular crypto gem is also emerging from the rubble as a key investment for newcomers: Uniglo (GLO).

Uniglo (GLO): The latest cryptocurrency gem

Newcomers should research on Uniglo to better understand what the fuss about this crypto is all about. Uniglo is one of the most recent iterations of social currencies in the market. But what makes its GLO token unique is the fact that its value is underpinned by an asset vault. The Uniglo community will vote on the types and amount of digital assets to be included in this vault to ensure optimal asset appreciation. As the assets in the vault increase in value, so will the price of GLO. Each token holder will also have a say in the investment selections of the community. 

The GLO token has already surged over 25% despite the fact that Uniglo has not even completed the first phase of its presale. More growth can be expected from GLO. As such, Uniglo could be a strong addition to the investment mix of a newcomer to the cryptocurrency space.

Bitcoin (BTC): The return of the king

Bitcoin is a key consideration for newcomers to the cryptocurrency space. It is the crypto king after all. Bitcoin has been in the market for more than a decade and is perhaps the most familiar name in the world when talking about decentralized digital currencies. It pioneered peer-to-peer networkorking, and while many competitors now exist in the market, Bitcoin remains to be the top player. As of this writing, BTC was trading just below $24,000, but within the last 24 hours, the price of BTC already hit as high as $24,901. These figures indicate robust momentum for the crypto king. As such, newcomers can start betting on Bitcoin now, as it is projected to only get stronger by the week.

Ethereum (ETH): Strong and steady behind Bitcoin

Following close behind Bitcoin is the perennial cryptocurrency second-placer: Ethereum. While Ethereum has never succeeded in dethroning Bitcoin, it nonetheless has a strong position in the market. As it is an ecosystem for the creation of decentralized applications and projects, Ethereum offers opportunities that are unique from Bitcoin. As such, ETH could explore avenues for growth and development in the future that Bitcoin will never be able to. As of now, Ethereum is also picking up, as Bitcoin begins to recover. As of this writing, ETH was trading at $1,901.32.

The bottom line

Newcomers can always start investing in cryptocurrency by betting on the big leagues like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But to inject some diversification and added security to their initial investment mix, newcomers can also include up-and-coming digital assets such as Uniglo.

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