Lending Interest Rates: Aave vs dYdX vs Nuo vs BlockFi vs CoinList vs Bitfinex vs Poloniex vs Coinbase Lend

CryptoMode DeFi Lending Interest Rates

Putting one’s crypto assets to work has become viable thanks to decentralized finance. Several platforms provide decent lending interest rates, depending on which assets one wants to contribute. The following options are all worth checking out, assuming one has the correct assets.


In recent days, the Aave DeFi platform has gained a lot of attention. Its total value locked has also increased significantly. This is primarily thanks to various assets being supported by the platform as of late. Some of these assets also benefit from the highest lending interest rates on the market today. For other assets, the rates are average, which is only to be expected.

Holders of BAT, BUSD, ENJ, KNC, REN, SNX, and SUSD will earn the highest interest rates through Aave. In the case of KNC, that rate can be as high as 21%. It is evident that competition among platforms is heating up lately. Aave supports over a dozen assets, yet only half of them enjoy the most competitive interest rates right now. 


There is only asset noting strong interest lending rates on the dYdX platform. That is a bit odd, considering how it has been on the market for some time now. Although it supports multiple assets, the only to offer for lending is SAI. dYdX Is one of only a few platforms supporting this asset, making it a worthwhile option for those who hold this particular token. 


Although most people may not be familiar with NUO, it provides some competitive lending interest rates for certain tokens. Holders of USDC and ZRX may want to give it a try. The current rates for both assets are a lot higher compared to any other platform. This makes Nuo both attractive and a bit of an odd duck in the pond, so to speak. 


It is refreshing to see at least one decentralized finance platform offer decent rates for Ethereum. BlockFi checks the right boxes in this regard. Its interest rates for Ethereum, GUSD, LTC, and PAX are the highest on the market today. It is likely that these numbers will shift around moving forward, but that is to be expected. 


By far the most competitive platform in all of DeFi right now, CoinList offers pretty high lending interest rates for multiple assets. The one downside is how most of these rates are well below 2% annually, which isn’t necessarily impressive. That being said, holders of ZEC, XRP, TUSD, GNT, EOS, BCH, ALGO, REP, MKR, and WBTC can give it a try. It is better to receive some reward rather than nothing.


When exchanges get in on the lending action, things are bound to get interesting. Users who trust Bitfinex can explore competitive interest lending rates for DAI, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, and ChainLink. These rates are much higher compared to DeFi platforms, creating an interesting angle to explore. Keep in mind that exchange lending rates can differ on an hourly basis.


Another exchange making it to this list is Poloniex. Surprising, considering the overall interest in this platform has waned quite a bit. It still provides the highest interest rates for USDT lending, however. How long that will remain the case, if anyone’s guess. 

Coinbase Lend

Last but not least, there is the Coinbase Lend option. It supports very few crypto assets, and its rates aren’t exactly competitive. One exception is the lending interest rates for Tezos. Depositing XTZ yields a 4.03% annual return. It is still lower compared to baking, by the look of things. As such, it may not necessarily be the best option on the market. 

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