Crypto Influencer BitBoy Faces FBI Scrutiny Over Harassment Allegations

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In a recent development, a well-known crypto influencer has been accused of initiating a harassment campaign against an attorney representing investors in FTX, a failed cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, the influencer, who goes by the name BitBoy, has been referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after failing to attend a court hearing.

BitBoy Skips Court Hearing Amid Legal Battle

Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong, a prominent crypto influencer and YouTuber, has found himself at the center of controversy after refusing to attend a court hearing regarding his promotion of FTXInstead of appearing in court, Armstrong posted a picture of himself on a beach, boasting about his decision to skip the hearing.

The influencer’s refusal to attend the court session scheduled for Thursday at 10 am ET was met with widespread criticism. Armstrong fueled the fire by mocking the plaintiff in the case, attorney Adam Moskowitz, who accused BitBoy of leading a harassment campaign against him.

Adam Moskowitz serves as legal representation for plaintiffs in a lawsuit against several YouTubers, including BitBoy, who promoted the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Other accused influencers are Kevin Paffrath, Brian Jung, Graham Stephan, Tom Nash, and Erika Kullberg.

BitBoy allegedly targeted Moskowitz with a barrage of negative messages via Twitter, using offensive language and derogatory terms. Feeling threatened by BitBoy’s actions and potential repercussions from his followers, Moskowitz reported the issue to local authorities and the FBI.

Judge’s Response to BitBoy’s Absence

According to multiple sources, Judge Melissa Damian expressed her fury at Armstrong’s absence during the court hearing. However, BitBoy’s attorney, Jason Rindenau, suggested that his client could appear in court in May while attending the Miami Bitcoin conference.

In response, Judge Damian declared that she would issue an arrest warrant for Armstrong if he failed to appear before Monday. She also threatened to report his behavior to the FBI and ordered him to cease public communication about Moskowitz – an already violated order.

Armstrong’s legal troubles are not new. Last year, BitBoy filed a defamation lawsuit against fellow YouTuber Erling Mengshoel Jr (also known as “Atozy”). However, he withdrew the charges following a significant public backlash.

Despite his ongoing legal issues, BitBoy remains defiant. “It’s weird people don’t realize I have real lawyers who actually know how to practice law, unlike the ambulance chasing Adam Moskowitz,” he said on Thursday. “I’m not flying by the seat of my pants out here.”

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