Crypto hedge fund ARK36 partners with CVX Ventures to strengthen European market presence

CryptoMode hedge Fund Ark36

Larnaca, 23 Feb 2021: ARK36, one of Europe’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency-focused investment funds, has partnered with CVX Ventures, Denmark’s leading venture investor, as part of the fund’s ongoing effort to strengthen its presence in the European market and to provide more value at scale to its investors.

CVX Ventures’ mission is to create value for the most promising new companies by facilitating the exchange of skills and knowledge and driving their growth through capital investment. Their current network of partners includes more than 380 private investors, advisers, and board members, as well as investment funds.

CVX is always scouting for new, high-performing companies they can introduce to their partner network and has recently expressed interest in bringing ARK36 on board. With the approval from CVX Ventures’ investment and advisory committée, ARK36 presented the fund’s profile at one of their partner meetings with more than 200 professionals tied in via virtual means. A considerable number of potential advisers approached ARK36 for cooperation afterward, and CVX arranged personal meetings with all candidates.

After a meticulous interview process, ARK36 selected Lars Riis-Kofoed of LRK Consult ApS to join the company in the capacity of an adviser. Mr. Riis-Kofoed has distinguished himself by a long track record with 30 years of advisory experience in the investment sector.

Mr. Riis-Kofoed’s support will be instrumental in successfully navigating ARK36 through the phase of rapid growth and rise in demand for the fund’s services spurred by the recent worldwide increase in professional interest in cryptocurrencies. So far, ARK36 has already delivered outstanding results to its investors, including Return on Investment of more than 300% since its worldwide launch in October 2020.

Ulrik Lykke, Executive Director of ARK36, commented: “Operating an investment fund in markets that move as quickly as the ones we are in is not for the faint of heart. That’s why we are thrilled to bring Lars Riis-Kofoed and his 30 years of experience from the financial industry on board”.

Anton Herborg, CEO of CVX Ventures, commented: “The difference between a decent company and a great one can often be seen in the quality of its advisers as only valuable companies can attract valuable advisers. With ARK36 being run by a team of experts in their field with a track record of great performance, we were confident they would spark interest among our partners and are now happy to see the great results of this cooperation.”

About ARK36

ARK36 is among the first fully licensed investment funds in Europe investing exclusively in bitcoin and other crypto assets. With our extensive experience in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, we make it our aim to deliver risk-adjusted exposure to this new and exciting asset class with a focus on portfolio management, risk management, security, proper regulation, and compliance.

We do this while providing a high level of customer service and transparency to our investors.

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