Crypto Hasn’t Seen A Coin Like This Since Ethereum: Big Eyes Could Raise Millions In Hours


Ethereum (ETH) has been the biggest news the crypto world has seen this year. The upcoming Ethereum 2.0 merge has turned every crypto enthusiast’s head and even prompted people to return to cryptocurrency. Ethereum is gearing up for a switch to Proof-of-stake (PoS) as early as September if everything runs smoothly. 

Many cryptocurrencies have tried to challenge Ethereum’s dominance, most notably, Solana (SOL). However, they have failed, and Ethereum remains at the top of the market. But are Ethereum’s days numbered? 

A new meme token, Big Eyes (BIG), has seen a successful presale thus far, officially launching on the 19th of August. The newcomer could potentially raise millions in a matter of hours. Could this be the end for the crypto giant? Let’s find out.

Watch Your Portfolio Rise With Big Eyes (BIG)

Looking for a community-driven coin? Big Eyes is the one for you. The token has an express goal of protecting the most important part of our ecosystem, the oceans, while shifting wealth into the DeFi ecosystem. A charity wallet will hold 5% of the total tokens. They will then be given to ocean sanctuaries around the world!

Big Eyes is not just the name of the cryptocurrency, it is also the mascot. There are plans to release comic books revolving around the Big Eyes mascot. It could potentially open up avenues for TV shows in the future. Big Eyes already has plans to release merchandise with the cute cat mascot to fund the project and the charity wallet.

Ever wanted to own an NFT in the top ten projects? Big Eyes can give you that opportunity. Big Eyes has ambitious plans to own an NFT collection in the top ten projects. Those who hold the NFTs can access exclusive events including the Big Eyes Sushi Crew. The Big Eyes Sushi Crew is a club exclusively dedicated to NFT holders.

The new cryptocurrency possesses the ability to outshine Ethereum in the future. Currently, the token can be picked up for a low price in the last days of the presale before it potentially explodes in the future. Find out more here.

Are Ethereum (ETH) Miners Happy With The Merge?

Ethereum miners will be left empty-handed next month if Ethereum completes its switch from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to PoS. Ethereum miner, Chandler Guo, has reiterated his push for Ethereum to undergo a “hard fork”. Guo has even organised miners to back his efforts to prevent them from shutting down their businesses.

Although Ethereum is changing its consensus to PoS to reduce its carbon footprint by 99.95%, Guo believes that miners should be taken into account too. A lower carbon footprint isn’t the only thing Ethereum users can expect from the merge. Added security and increased transaction speeds to 100,000 per second are promised by Ethereum. 

So, should Ethereum take its current miners into account, or is the switch to PoS the best for Ethereum users and the environment? It seems that changing to PoS is the most logical option for Ethereum to reduce its environmental impact while improving its services. 

The merge has been well-received by the crypto world, and Ethereum has recorded an 11.53% increase in value in seven days at the time of writing.

To Summarise

Ethereum has dominated the market with its impressive market capitalisation of $229 billion at the time of writing. Many cryptocurrencies have attempted to overthrow the altcoin king but have failed. However, if there is a cryptocurrency to do it, Big Eyes could be the one. Its potential to raise millions in hours has created a buzz around the crypto market during a time of doom and gloom. Keep Big Eyes on your watchlist in Q3. 

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