Crypto for beginners: How launchpads educate new users.


Entering the crypto world can be very overwhelming, especially if you don’t know much about it. As the crypto market never stops changing, from crypto prices rising and falling – especially in the current times – it can be difficult to understand and receive the information you need. Whether you are trying to invest, or launch your own crypto, launchpads can provide the information you need. 

As of right now, the crypto market is suffering a major downfall, with all the coins including Bitcoin having fallen significantly. With no prediction of when this will change, it’s not looking good for current investors with everyone hoping for the market to have a sudden rise. 

Regardless of how the market is doing, it is best to do your research as a beginner. The question you need to ask yourself is, is this the time to invest in the big coins like Bitcoin (BTC), or invest in the newer ones entering the market?

What is a launchpad?

A launchpad is a platform that allows users to invest in safe and reliable DeFi projects, that are currently in the presale stage. Helping build communities for small projects, as well as providing investors with cheap prices because it is in the presale stage, launchpads are a great way to help both parties. If the project ends up being successful, this is beneficial for the investor, just as much as the project itself. 

How will this help a beginner?

An additional feature that the majority of launchpads tend to have is an educational service, that provides its users with key knowledge and information about the crypto market as a whole. As well as providing information about new crypto projects to the public to promote it. 

Usually, in a blog-style format, there are various questions that you may have as a beginner that are answered within the blog post. This is a very useful tool as the information provided is trustworthy and relevant. Keeping up with recent trends and projects within the crypto market is not easy, so this is a great way to have the knowledge you need. 

From a project’s perspective, some launchpads have a team of writers that market your project externally for you. Getting the attention of the public, they provide valuable information to help your project succeed. 

Which launchpad is best for this?

While there are many launchpads out there that have exceptional informative services, one that comes to mind is BoostX. Rising in the crypto space, BoostX is one of the most diverse launchpads on the market. Using multi-chain technology, there are a lot of features for its users to use and learn about. 

Providing a lot of information about each project, both on the platform and external sources, is helpful for beginners to learn about the new projects entering the space. This is also great for people who are launching their projects because they’re able to help build a community by getting the word of their project out there. 

Are presale projects the future?

As of right now, it is difficult to say where the future of the crypto market stands, however, given the current situation of the whole crypto market suffering a dip, it is possible that investing in the new projects within the presale stage may be the better option. As the prices are low and there is a lot of information provided by the launchpad, beginners can make wise decisions about where to invest. 

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