Crypto Experts are Jumping Ship from Cardano (ADA), and Chainlink (LINK) to the Promising Big Eyes Coin (BIG)


The very definition of an altcoin has evolved from the first years of cryptocurrency when only one or two existed. An altcoin is usually defined as a digital asset built on top of an existing blockchain. Altcoins are often created to augment coins’ shortcomings or provide additional features. Today the crypto assets are much broader. There are so many different cryptocurrencies with use cases that go well beyond a medium of exchange, meaning they aren’t necessarily Bitcoin competitors. Every crypto project intends to carve its mark in the crypto market, to make it preferred over other cryptocurrencies with which it shares similar features. With the founding cryptocurrencies underperforming, the altcoins were able through sheer popularity and marketability to ensure gains were made. But don’t let the rage and joy of having altcoins result in FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Even crypto enthusiasts are quite optimistic about the increasing value of altcoins that are striding like giants where their older cousins seem to be faltering. Leading the pack of altcoins that are over-performing above expected predictions are

Cardano (ADA), Chainlink (LINK), and the new but promising Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Cardano (ADA) Token Analysis

Cardano (ADA) has the distinction of being one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. It was built with a blockchain that’s a versatile, sustainable, and scalable platform. Cardano (ADA) aims to enable smart contracts, which allows developers to create a vast range of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) apps, new crypto tokens, games, and more. The blockchain is split up into two layers: the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) and also the Cardano Computing Layer (CCL). They split the blockchain into two so that the network can process as many as 1,000,000 transactions a second. Unlike Ethereum-based tokens, Cardano native tokens aren’t created via smart contracts. Instead, they run on an identical architecture to the coin itself.

Cardano was officially launched in September 2017 by Charles Hoskinson (the co-founder of the infamous Ethereum) and aimed to be a blockchain installation on top of the technology pioneered by the first gen and second gen. Its objective is to be a highly scalable and energy-efficient smart agreement outlet.

Cardano’s (ADA) Price Prediction For Q2 2022

As of the 28th of August, Cardano (ADA) was ranked the 8th largest cryptocurrency, and its market cap was at about $27.4 billion. Cardano (ADA) has been drifting between off-range lows and the end zone at $1. If the price tests $1.5, it would break the downtrend, potentially allowing the rate to try out again. The ADA chart shows that it is in an exceedingly big macro range (with a deviation of $2.6).

Chainlink (LINK) Token Analysis

Chainlink can be described as a decentralized system of nodes that attempts to correlate data and knowledge from outside a blockchain to on-chain smart agreements. Chainlink enhances smart agreement capabilities by allowing access to IRL data and off-chain computing while retaining the protection of blockchain technology.

The platform links off-chain and on-chain data. Oracles act as an intermediary, translating data from RL situations to smart agreements on the blockchain and back again. Chainlink aims to deliver a secure, open, and so anti-tampering “blockchain-middleware” and a simple route to access the multiple inputs and outputs needed by a sophisticated smart agreement.

Chainlink attempts to accelerate the advancement of useful smart agreements through simple and secure access to valuable resources. Sergey Nazarov is part of the founders of Chainlink. He co-founded SmartContract. He was also the co-founder and CEO of Secure Asset Exchange.

Chainlink’s (LINK) Price Prediction

ChainLink (LINK) is currently trading below the 200-day simple moving average (SMA). The 200-day SMA has been signaling SELL for the last 224 days, since Jan 17, 2022. Based on specialized pointers, ChainLink’s 200-day SMA will decline in the subsequent month and can hit $ 9.13 by Sep 28, 2022. ChainLink’s short-term 50-Day SMA is estimated to hit $ 6.95 by Sep 28, 2022. The (RSI) propulsion oscillator may be a popular indicator that signals whether a cryptocurrency may be oversold or overbought. Currently, the RSI value is at 32.59, which indicates that the LINK market is in a nonpartisan position.

The New Cat Making Big Waves: Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cryptocurrency that is propelled by the community for the community and it wants to channel wealth into the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Big eyes coin (BIG) is a coin centered on community goals by decentralizing the network node and channeling it towards community development goals. With Big Eyes as its mascot, Big Eyes Coin wants to cash in on what it describes as a “billion dollar industry” by being the cutest crypto mascot in the industry. The explosion of NFTs in recent times has shown another viable way of making money through the use of memes, which Forbes has predicted will possibly be the biggest thing in the coming years. Take a look at how other altcoins have used the meme mascot to promote their coins amongst the upwardly mobile. A good side effect of this is the adoption of their real-world counterparts.

The emphasis put on charity in the Big Eyes community is massive, to say the least, you can see from their promotions that the Big Eyes team is not just going to take from the environment and people as other companies have done, the team is instead making charity a part of the culture for the community. The community is Big Eyes and Big eyes is the community.

Bignomics 101 of the Big Eyes (BIG) Token

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will have a total of 200,000,000,000 tokens and 90% of these will be available to the community at launch. A public sale will be held for 70% of these. 20% will go to exchanges, 5% to Big Eyes Coin (BIG) marketing, and the remaining 5% will be donated to charity. In addition, NFTs will be subject to a 10% tax. 4% of this will go to the original seller, 5% to the holders, and 1% will be donated to charity. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will have no buy or sell tax and no fees.

The Big Plan For the Big Eyes (BIG) Token Launch

Below are the steps through which Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will undergo for launch to the general public.

Stage One: This is the “crouch” stage. This stage covers the launch of several events and as the name “crouch” suggests, this is the prep stage, the beginning of everything. It includes the auditing of tokens. All purchased tokens will be verified to prevent security breaches which will then be accompanied by the opening of the website and social media channels and also several media rounds. All these will help in increasing awareness of the Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Stage Two: This is known as the “leap” stage. This covers the launch of the Meme Machine at Full Tilt. Big Eyes Digital Stickers, NFT snippets, and the merchandise shop will go live with all sorts of NFTs.

Stage three: This is known as the “run” stage. This covers the release of NFT Exclusives and IRL events for its NFTs holders and a donation to the charity that the 50,000 Telegram members and 50,000 Holders will hopefully participate in.

Stage four: This is known as the “catwalk” stage, and it is all about the exposure, the glam, the marketing, the community events, and a very nice chunk of cat change of $ 1 million to charity. As the cherry on top of an already fantastic cake, new chains will be bridged. There will be more swaps and the lovely NFTs will evolve because of the Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Tips on How to Get the Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

These are various steps to acquiring Big Eyes (BIG) tokens on any platform.

First step: A wallet app should be installed on a desktop. However, if a smart device will be

utilized, then a certified digital trading app should be put in on the device.

Second step: Copy and paste the link on the wallet browser: A form will pop up and it should be filled with the exact details. Advance to select the token for payment and indicate the number of Big Eyes (BIG) tokens desired.

Third step: The Big Eyes (BIG) tokens will be sent when the presale is finished, and the BIG tokens paid for will be sent to the buyer’s wallet.

These are the only steps taken to get Big Eye (BIG) tokens.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is here to stay as it has a whole lot of potential and could provide users with 10x what Cardano (ADA) and Chainlink (LINK) can achieve. There is also the benefit of having a strong community presence that is quite vibrant, you can also look at the massive focus on charity which no other altcoin has successfully done. The presale of Big Coin (BIG) will go on for a limited time so do join if you do not want to miss an opportunity to be part of history.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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