Crypto Enthusiasts Rush to Invest in The Revolutionary Platform TMS Network (TMSN) as Popular Stablecoins USD Coin (USDC) and DAI Depeg


The trading landscape today is filled with challenges that make it difficult for traders to execute trades seamlessly. Now thanks to the new revolutionary platform TMS Network (TMSN), traders can trade in a unique, secure, and transparent manner. Read on to find out how TMS is changing the trading industry and also how stablecoins USD Coin (USDC) and DAI are performing.

What is TMS?

TMS Network (TMSN) is an all-in-one Ethereum-based platform that seeks to transform the way people trade by solving the pressing problems in the trading industry.

Some of the problems that the TMS platform solves include:

Lack of Access to Multiple Asset Classes

One of the major problems in the trading industry is the lack of access to multiple asset classes that limits a trader’s ability to diversify their portfolio and leverage the opportunities in different markets. TMS solves this problem by allowing traders to choose from a wide array of cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, and Equities all in one platform. This way, traders can access a wide range of assets and diversify their portfolios without having to hop from one platform to another.

Lack of Transparency

The lack of transparency and trust in the trading platform available today causes traders to question the fairness of the market. Traders also have concerns over the accuracy of trade execution and the security of assets.

The TMS network solves this problem by being fully transparent about its operations and prices. For instance, the platform offers realtime data analytics and secure and transparent smart contracts. This helps traders feel a sense of trust and confidence when on the platform so they can conduct their trades with peace of mind.

Inadequate Risk Management Tools

The success of any trading strategy largely depends on effective risk management. However, many traders are unable to effectively manage risk due to a lack of access to adequate tools and resources.

With TMS Network (TMSN), traders have access to advanced risk management tools to help them manage their portfolios. Traders also get access to adequate trading education and resources to help them make informed trading decisions. Access to advanced risk management tools and quality resources and education leads to better-managed portfolios and traders who can leverage opportunities in a controlled and risk-conscious manner.

Lack of Price Uniformity and High Trading Fees

The trading industry, especially the cryptocurrency market suffers from a lack of price uniformity and high trading fees. This problem makes it difficult for traders to find the best prices for their trades, which impacts the returns they get on their investments.

With TMS Network (TMSN), traders get access to uniform and competitive pricing across all asset classes. They also get transparent and low trading fees with no hidden fees.

These are just a few of the problems that the TMS network will solve to make it easier for traders to make returns on their investments. It’s obvious that by solving these problems, TMS will transform the trading landscape and make it a more secure, transparent, and seamless industry for traders. This is why traders have been quick to invest in the platform. The platform sold out the first phase of its presale and the price quickly rose to $ 0.025 and counting.

Makerdao’s DAI Depegs to Lifetime Lows

Algorithmic stablecoin DAI, has hit an all-time low of 0.88 cents. According to data from CoinGecko, the stablecoin is currently trading at $0.90 and its market cap is about $ 4.9 billion after $563 million worth of Dai tokens was burnt two days ago.

Circle announces $3,3 billion exposure to SVB bank

Circle internet financial LTD, the company behind the USD Coin (USDC) Stablecoin announced that $3.3 billion of the $40 billion USD Coin (USDC) reserves are still in the collapsed Silicon Valley bank.

Investors were quick to react to the association between the Silicon Valley bank and the USD Coin (USDC), resulting in the stablecoin’s price falling to below $1.

Dai and USD Coin (USDC) are not the only stablecoins to depeg this week, seven more stablecoins including BUSD, and GUSD have also lost their value, although USD Coin (USDC) and DAI are the biggest losers.

However, all is not lost as investors still have a chance to invest in better-performing coins such as TMS.

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