Crypto Derivatives Trading Volume Grows by Nearly 900% Year-over-year

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A lot of investors and traders actively seek exposure to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Rather than buying these currencies outright, they will often flock to derivatives, which have gained significant momentum in Q1 2020.

The trading of crypto derivatives can be very beneficial.

Crypto Derivatives Volume Keeps Growing

Not only is it a good way to make money if done right, but it also removes any hassle associated with maintaining¬† one’s crypto portfolio.

A new report by TokenInsight shows how the daily derivatives volume is moving up strongly.

This trend has been ongoing for some time now, despite a small dip in Q4 2019.

It would appear that Q1 2020 was very promising in this particular regard.

In fact, that period’s volume is over twice the volume of Q3 2019.

Compared to Q1 2019, there is a near 900% increase in volume, further confirming the demand for this type of investment vehicle.

Some new entrants have entered the market as well. 

While most people know about BitMEX, OKEx has recently entered the market as well.

A growing set of competitors will ultimately benefit the end users and traders.

There is also the ongoing volatility affecting Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies to take advantage of.

Based on the current momentum, it isn’t unlikely that the Bitcoin derivatives volume will keep rising.

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