Crypto Crashes! Time to Bet Big on BNB, Avalanche and Big Eyes


In times of crypto capitulation, your confidence and conviction are tested in each project you invest in. The recent crypto crash is a prime example of this. We are currently experiencing one of, if not the most dangerous narrative crypto has ever faced. FTX exchanges have crumbled due to their affinity with Alameda and their insolvency. To cut a long story short, Alameda was reported to be insolvent as well as having a large amount of FTT on their books. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, swiftly tweeted that Binance would be selling all of their FTT in preparation for the worst, referencing the Luna crash at the same time.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of both FTX and Alameda publicly asked Binance for help and there are currently negotiations over a proposed takeover of FTX by Binance.

If Binance takes over FTX…

This is looking like a more and more probable scenario in one form or another. If Binance took over FTX the influence over the Centralised Market industry would be unprecedented. This would equate to a hugely inflated value of BNB, and the native token of the Binance exchange would become affiliated with the likes of Ethereum as the kings in their relevant fields.

BNB is only trading 55% down from its all-time high against the Dollar. Compared to ETH which is currently down 75%.

Solana’s influence on Binance and Avalanche

Unfortunately for many Solana fans, SOL is a major holding on FTX’s asset sheet. Over the coming days, millions of SOL tokens are likely to be sold, increasing supply and having a drastic effect on the value of Solana.

This should bring further joy to BNB bulls as the two are relative competitors. A Solana collapse should also be beneficial for the forgotten bear market project, Avalanche.

The DeFi-oriented Layer 1 blockchain, AVAX, could hugely benefit from a collapse in SOL and could become the home to many Solana projects in the next bull market. Unlike many Layer 1s, Avalanche does not forsake decentralisation to gain greater performance in transaction speed and cost.

Boasting an infinite number of transactions per second with sufficient subnets built, this crypto capitulation gives a fantastic opportunity to Avalanche. Assuming another sell-off is around the corner, loading up on AVAX could be a very good long-term investment.

Big Eyes presale stands strong

In the wake of this market madness, a strong investment strategy can be buying into presale tokens. Big Eyes Coin has been a strong performer in this bear market raising nearly $10 million so far this bear.

Presale tokens offer a safer investment in extremely turbulent markets like the one we are currently in. The tokens bought in the Big Eyes presale can only increase in value as each phase sees a 25% increase in the value of the BIG token.

Once the token launches, the date of which is yet to be announced, the project will be available to be publicly traded. The Big Eyes development team are hoping to launch in a bull market to aid in its growth. For this reason, an investment now in the presale could bring significant returns on investment, should the token launch in bullish conditions.

The most recent news on the cat-vine is that there is a huge media stunt planned in Times Square, New York this week. There is also speculation that there might be a live spectacle in Leicester Square, London. These media stunts should give credibility to the project

Interested in doing your own research into the Big Eyes project or making an investment? Check this link to be taken to the website where you can get updates on the Big Eyes whitepaper and where it is in its roadmap.

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