Accidentally Sends Couple $10.5M, but Everyone Can Feel Like a Winner with NFT-backed


Blockchain exchange giant made a colossal error. They accidentally sent $10.5m to the wrong person. That’s one “bank error in your favor” you’ve probably been dreaming of. While this certainly raises questions about the control procedures of platforms like, it also leaves much of the investment market wondering when they will receive such a good “error.”

But even if you missed the chance to be that fortunate recipient of a considerable amount of money, there are still other options in the crypto world that could make you feel like a real winner. While much of the market might be down, there’s still a lot of money to be made in crypto, especially if you make the right investments. One new token that experts love the look of is Uniglo (GLO). Here’s why:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has the most substantial set of deflationary features ever to hit the market, and it’s still available at a discount for a short while longer as it nears the end of its pre-sale phase before a highly anticipated official launch. This still gives you time to snap up prices that are expected to rise substantially when mainstream markets catch on.

While Uniglo might not give you $10.5m overnight, it can still make solid and steady growth for your portfolio. It’s a desirable proposition at a time when the world economy needs an answer to rampant inflation. With Uniglo’s set of deflationary credentials, it could be that answer.

Uniglo works by charging a small sales tax on all transactions and then uses these funds to purchase a range of assets to store in the GLO vault. Assets include other cryptos, NFTs, digital gold, and more. It’s also a completely diversified store of value and one that’s protected against market volatility and built for growth.

GLO’s deflationary credentials are improved even more by the platform’s revolutionary dual-burn mechanism. This buys back additional tokens to burn over time, increasing scarcity and providing even more room for growth.


Uniglo is arguably the best new token the space has ever seen, and it could leave you feeling like a winner if you invest soon, even if you missed out on a free $10.5m.

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