Crypto Bullish Summer Lies Ahead: Uniglo (GLO), Decentraland (MANA) And Cardano (ADA)


While the bear run has caused problems in the crypto market, these problems haven’t been as bad as people feared. That’s why confidence is starting to return to the space in a big way. Deposits are increasing, and many analysts think now is the perfect time to buy. Especially with discount prices still available, but potentially not for much longer. Some experts believe a bullish period could be well on its way, as crypto recovers from losses and charges even further into the sky. Exactly when this bull run might start is still unclear, but now is the perfect time to add key projects to your portfolio that could flourish for the next few months and beyond. Doing credible research is important, as not every altcoin will skyrocket, but if you invest in the right tokens with the right credentials, you should be setting your portfolio up for success in the coming months. And experts really like the look of GLO, MANA and ADA. Let’s have a look at why…

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is well prepared to have a great summer and beyond. That’s because it’s the world’s first community-driven asset-backed ultra-burn deflationary token. All these principles and more make it one of the hottest properties in crypto right now, and investors are increasing their positions in GLO as it looks to reshape the global financial world.

Uniglo has scarcity built into its model thanks to a revolutionary dual-burn mechanism. This helps keep the token completely deflationary because it continues to burn more and more tokens over time, reducing supply and increasing the potential upside for those who invested early enough.

This comes alongside a full asset-backed store of value with the GLO vault. By reintroducing a gold standard and a pegged price that’s backed by a range of instruments, GLO has one of the most solid bases the market has ever seen. This makes GLO set for growth over the next few years, so you should look at it closely.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a completely innovative project that allows people to buy and sell virtual land for use in its immersive platform. The possibilities are endless in Decentraland, and users get a unique opportunity to play and enjoy their place in the digital world, with the potential to earn as land and other assets go up in value.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano has long been a big player in the altcoin world, and is already home to tons of projects on its open-source ecosystem. As crypto becomes more and more mainstream, Cardano should be a part of the next generation of crypto investors.


GLO, ADA and MANA could all have a great summer., They might be what your portfolio needs to start seeing good returns in both the short and long-terms. Check them out immediately.

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