The crypto-world is full of crazy bargains since the sector is still in its nascent stages of development. Billionaire Anthony Di Iorio, who has made a living amassing his wealth through timely investments is now looking towards the far-east to find his next crypto venture.

In a recent interview, Di Iorio mentioned that his biggest stake currently lay in Qtum and VeChain, two Chinese projects that have grabbed the attention of the global crypto community at large. However, he did also say that “there’s much more opportunity in newer projects if you can identify them [at the right time].

Talking about Di Iorio for a moment, he says he got into the crypto scene when he decided to fund a then-unknown blockchain project called Ethereumn which was in its early stages of development. The move has since paid off as ETH currently possesses a market value of around $50 Billion.

More about Qtum and VeChain

Qtum is being viewed by many blockchain enthusiasts as a potential goldmine since the project aims to integrate the “efficacy of Bitcoin’s blockchain with the power of Ethereum-based smart contracts”.

Similarly, VeChain is a blockchain based platform that lays particular emphasis on delivering customers with a wide array of financial services as well as an advanced supply-chain management module. As per CoinCodex, the combined worth of the two aforementioned projects is nearly USD $2 Bln.

Final Take

Even though the crypto sector is struggling at the moment, Di Iorio is still a believer in Bitcoin.

While speaking with a respected news outlet recently, he said:

“In general, it’s [Bitcoin] got amazing features and it’s got the ability to provide customers with great commercial utility. I think it’s going to consistently do what its been doing over the last year as more people start to use it, I think it’ll go up.”

With big players such as Di Iorio continuing to show their support for cryptocurrencies, the future of this market looks primed for more interesting developments in the coming few weeks.

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