Crypto Bear Market Continues as Metacade (MCADE) Keeps Blazing in Presale


As the crypto bear market rages on, there haven’t been many winners in the past few weeks – but that’s not to say they can’t be found. One token doing exceptionally well in presale is Metacade, a name that’s recently been making the rounds in crypto circles.

This article will examine the crypto fallout caused by the dramatic decline of FTX before discussing why exactly Metacade has been outshining in presale.

No End in Sight for Crypto Bear Market

While some were calling the recent ranging prices across the crypto market the start of the next bull run, few predicted FTX’s epic collapse that would wipe over $200 billion across the crypto space. In short, FTX, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, found itself in a liquidity crisis after taking excessive risks and potentially committing large-scale fraud, which left it unable to pay customers after mass withdrawals hit the exchange.

In the process, the FTT token plummeted, destroying billions from FTX’s balance sheet and rendering the exchange insolvent. Recent bankruptcy documents show that FTX owes its 50 largest creditors over $3 billion – money it simply doesn’t have.

The collapse of FTX has sent shockwaves throughout the crypto market, with titans of the industry, like BlockFi, Gemini, and Genesis Global Capital, being put in a difficult position due to their exposure to FTX. Genesis, a crypto brokerage firm and one of the largest players in the industry, is now seeking a $1 billion bailout. This comes after it lost billions during the downfall of Three Arrows Capital earlier in 2021, now putting it on the brink of bankruptcy.

These factors have led to top cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, on a dangerous path to much lower prices. Bitcoin plunged through its June low of $17,600 and looks set to continue falling to $12,000. Ethereum has held its June low, bottoming out around $1070. Nonetheless, the bearish trend will likely continue for ETH, and prices in the hundreds look probable. However, a new token known as Metacade has been performing exceptionally better in presale and is expected to outperform the market in the coming months.

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is a platform that’s aiming to be the ultimate community hub for play-to-earn gaming. It’s a space where like-minded gamers, crypto investors, developers, and entrepreneurs can connect while having fun discovering the unlimited possibilities of GameFi. In Metacade, you’ll be able to play the best play-to-earn titles, explore trending games, publish reviews, read the hottest GameFi alpha, and communicate with other players through dedicated forums and chat rooms.

Nowadays, gaming has become highly centralised, with a few prominent players dominating and dictating the direction of the industry. Metacade is positioning itself as an antidote to this centralisation by prioritising user value, governance, and ownership above all else. As you’ll see, this philosophy is proving very popular amongst crypto investors looking for somewhere to put their money during this bear market.

What’s Driving Metacade’s (MCADE) Presale Success?

An All-in-One GameFi Community Hub

Community hubs are vital for gamers. Just look at the rapid rise of platforms like Twitch and Discord, now household names in the gaming industry. Metacade is taking this format and expanding on it, adding a whole host of features that can help anyone gain an edge in play-to-earn gaming.

Multiple Earning Opportunities

To encourage users to share reviews, tips, and other valuable content, Metacade rewards those posting these items with the MCADE token, meaning you can earn simply by sharing your thoughts and expertise with other players. If you fancy testing your luck, you can also enter frequent prize draws and tournaments for your chance to win big! Down the line, there’ll even be opportunities to find casual and long-term roles working with some of the biggest names in Web3 through Metacade’s job and gig board.

Community-Backed Game Development

As part of Metacade’s goal to be a driving force in decentralising the gaming industry, it’s planning to launch a funding scheme known as Metagrants. Metagrants offer a way for community members to democratically direct financing toward the games they want to see developed. To win funding, developers must compete to earn the most votes in one of the Metagrant competitions. Metacade plans to have dozens of these community-backed titles in its virtual arcade, available for the whole world to log on and enjoy.

A Community Hub Owned by the Players

The final step in Metacade’s development will be to turn the community into a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). This will see Metacade’s team stepping down and community members taking their place, becoming responsible for future changes to the platform. From here, every key decision will be put to a vote for MCADE holders to determine, creating the world’s first player-owned virtual arcade in the process.

Just How Well is Metacade (MCADE) Performing in Presale?

All of these factors have led to a flood of investment in the Metacade presale. At the time of publication, Metacade has raised over $1,262,080 in its first phase of presale, just 30 days after its launch! These numbers are expected to climb further as more investors rush to join the MCADE presale.

Metacade (MCADE) Could Be the Best Investment in This Bear Market

For those investors with plenty of mettle and a long time horizon, this crypto bear market offers a chance to build life-changing wealth. While it’s unknown where this bear market will end up, it’d be wise to start looking for tokens with plenty of room to grow, like Metacade. As discussed, Metacade has plenty of promising aspects that are likely to propel it into the stratosphere in the coming months, especially as more investors lock up MCADE in presale.

If you think these early investors might be on to something, you’ll want to check out the MCADE presale as soon as possible. That’s because the earlier you buy, the more MCADE you get for your money. For example, in phase 1 of presale, you could get 125 MCADE for $1. In phase 9, you’ll get just 50 MCADE for $1. That means you could potentially more than double your long-term earnings just by getting in sooner rather than later. It could just be one of the best investment decisions you make during this bear market!

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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