Crypto Assassins: Unlock Endless Opportunities and Access to the Hottest Crypto Projects with the Power of NFTs


To crypto investors who love to get ahead of things, the conventional way of knowing about upcoming crypto projects with potential is through crypto launchpads. Crypto launchpads have made it convenient for investors to identify crypto projects early. As a result, they are able to maximize their profits whenever such a project launches into the mainstream. 

With launchpads, it’s somewhat impossible to know if the projects you intend to raise liquidity for has the potential to become a global solution or a scam, given that the team behind some of the projects consciously conceals certain information to lure investors. Even with the strong verification network as portrayed by many launchpads, it’s still a probability that such a project will make a real impact in the blockchain industry. 

To know if a crypto project has what it takes to turn out phenomenal, you need in-depth analysis from experts and masters of the game. The analysis from these experts will influence your decision to invest or not.

Blockchains have made it easy for developers to create defining projects, tailored to solve users’ needs. These days, the number of projects emerging from the ecosystem are too numerous to discern if they are worthy of investment or not. This becomes an issue for the user because they won’t be able to access upcoming projects early, leaving them at the disadvantage of having a better price entry point.

Crypto Assassins and Its Revolutionary Approach

Crypto Assassins are unlike the typical launchpads. They are a uniquely curated collection of NFTs that grants members exclusive benefits, unseen anywhere. These Assassin NFTs grant the member access to the Brotherhood, which comprises other assassins.

When a member mints a Crypto Assassin, they will be initiated into the brotherhood, where they get unlimited access to information about the hottest crypto projects from crypto experts and NFT influencers. The Brotherhood has a creed that binds and unites each member, guiding and creating an opportunity for each other. 

Every project inside the Brotherhood comes from reputable sources. Crypto experts analyze different projects and give their calls on projects that will have high success rates when they are launched. Driven by the belief to change the world and make money through NFTs, Crypto Assassins emerged to give everyone the opportunity to opt into the next evolution of wealth. 

There are over 8,888 minted Assassin NFTs locked on the Solana blockchain, with over 375 different attributes. Each NFT is generated through an algorithm to have a unique combination of traits and represents a member of the Brotherhood. The mint price is 1 SOL, and a significant portion of these minted funds will be used to add more crypto/NFT experts to the channels. 

Crypto Assassin Utility

Crypto Assassin NFT holders have exclusive access to a private Discord channel where influencers and experts of the crypto community converge to discuss the viability of upcoming projects. Holders get a physical printout shipped to them of their respective Crypto Assassin.

The good thing about this private access is that NFT holders already become aware of the projects analyzed before it gets to the ears of the general public. With this, members have a better price point and will maximize their profits when these projects launch into the mainstream. 

The number of NFTs in a member’s possession determines his/her position in the Brotherhood as well as level. Members with 10 or more NFTs are placed at the elite level. They have access to an elite whale group chat that’s filled with investors and influencers, who help assassins avoid the pitfalls of bad investments. 

Members with 9 NFTs and below are placed in the lower/basic level. These members will have access to basic information on upcoming crypto projects, and get notified of these calls shortly after. 

Crypto Assassins will be launched on December 1st, 2021. 

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