Crypto And Technology: Some Interesting Facts

crypto technology

Since the technological landscape has taken over every aspect of our lives, we have somehow bound ourselves to use technology in almost every aspect. Our daily driven tasks revolve around these technologies. 

So, with that one more term by technology, crypto is a digital currency developed to replace traditional currency and can be used for every exchange. 

There is no chance that the audience reading this article is unaware of BTC, Ether, and other digital currencies. Apart from the usage, these crypto essentials have attracted investors to invest in these digital assets to unlock a better future.

Interesting Facts

Apart from this glory, we have traversed some mind-boggling theories regarding crypto. And these are;

First Transaction

The first transaction that occurred through bitcoin was done over pizza. A man in Florida paid around 10000 bitcoins in 2010, worth $140 at that time. Now the thing that boggles my mind is that the same bitcoins are worth more than $100 million today. 

Number of Cryptocurrencies Today

In Today’s date, there are around 18000 different digital currencies available in the market, and many of them are not finalized for an exchange yet. Apart from this, many digital currencies are inlined in the ready process, and in the coming time, we will witness more such cryptocurrencies. With such a gigantic number, many currencies have not impacted the market yet, and only 20 have constituted almost 87% of the market cap. 

Number of Bitcoins

The initial number set for bitcoin mining was 21 million. For instance, today, around 20 million bitcoins are mined, and only a few million are left to be mined. With such a limited number, people are more centered on purchasing and exchanging BTC TO XMR. Due to the limited number in the coming time, the value of bitcoin will also rise. 


African countries are underdeveloped and belong to the third world, but few countries are tremendous regarding digital currencies. In this way, Nigeria is among those African countries where 50% of the population is involved in crypto trading. And half of the population has started saving their money in crypto instead of fiat currency. In 2021, the government imposed a ban on these currencies, but despite that country’s people never taking them back, they were in their league. Many crypto experts have forecasted that by 2030, Nigeria will be among the forefront crypto holders globally. 

Dogecoin Meme

One of the well-known cryptos, dogecoin, was initially a meme on social media on which many people started jokes. But they never thought in their dreams that one day that joke would make a market cap of $12.6 billion and would stand in 6th position on the list of major world cryptocurrencies. Following this, many others started promoting such jokes on social media and believing that one day these jokes would also make an impression in the coming time, similar to Dogecoin. 

Major Tech Giants

Individual beliefs regarding crypto impact a lot on the value of crypto, and with that, bigger giants in the techno space have already done a lot over this. For instance, Elon Musk from Tesla has played several games with the worth of bitcoin. His tweet regarding the crypto took outpace, and bitcoin took record-breaking height. Likewise, when one tweet from Elon Musk can impart such impact, then what would be the situation when other major techs will start talking over these currencies? 

Many Countries Have Started Developing Crypto 

Many countries of the world have started developing crypto after their fiat currencies. For instance, in China, they have developed a crypto equivalent to their Yuan, and it has already been in the market for exchange in a few districts of China. And in the coming, we are confident that we will witness USD and pound crypto. 

Crypto and technology have left us wondering, and in the coming time, we will witness many such facts that will make us realize that we are living in an unimaginable era. 

Final Words

Cryptocurrencies are the pillars of the future financial sector, and many financial giants have already indicated that the future belongs to these currencies and will overtake traditional paper currency. 

With that, investors have also found good stakes in these currencies and have put handsome amounts over these. We hope our facts have given you enough to have a better understanding of Crypto And Technology.

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