Crypterium Provides Crypto Loans at 0% APR to BTC and ETH Holders

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Obtaining a cryptocurrency loan is all about exploring competitive platforms. Crypterium is one-upping its competitors through a 0% APR on all loans. Any user on the platform can obtain such a financial injection within mere seconds. 

Crypterium Goes the Extra Mile

One has to commend DeFi platforms for making their products and services accessible to users all over the world. Competing on the interface front is one thing, but providing competitive rates is something else entirely. After all, obtaining a loan – or lending money in general – always comes at a cost. Crypterium is now waiving those costs. 

Serving as an alternative to traditional loans, crypto loans can offer a lot of potential. Based on a user’s collateral, they can borrow up to 50% of their holdings. Supported collateral assets include Ethereum and Bitcoin. Obtained loans are denominated in USDT, and need to be repaid as such.

It doesn’t matter how much one wants to borrow to qualify for the 0% APR, This offer encompasses all crypto loans issued through the platform for the foreseeable future. Nor will Crypterium enforce credit checks upon users. Paying back the borrowed amount is subject to very flexible terms, albeit trying to do so as quickly as possible remains advised. 

Compared to other crypto loan providers, Crypterium is well ahead of its competitors. Other providers charge an APR of up to 8%, according to the press release, which is rather steep. At the same time, it is only normal to see high rates being enforced. Crypto loans are in high demand and remain a novelty of sorts. over time, the overall fees will come down across the different providers. 

Ongoing Crypterium Growth

This latest development comes at a crucial time for Crypterium. The cryptocurrency service provider recently announced a partnership with Apple Pay. Platform users can sign up for virtual and physical debit cards, which can be added to Apple’s native payment solution. Virtual cards require no KYC procedure for new users. 

Given this rate of growth for the company, it is doing its part to bring crypto DeFi into the mainstream. Slowly but surely, Bitcoin and other crypto assets receive the recognition they deserve. This allows for unique products and services, as well broader financial inclusion. 

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