Cronos, Monero, and Big Eyes Coin Are Giving Other Cryptocurrencies a Run for Their Money in This Bear Market


It is amazing how you can look at the cryptocurrency market one day and jubilate that you are up, and in the next hour, things start crashing down so fast that you begin to panic. To survive in this treacherous game we all play, you need credible information from reliable sources. According to coinmarketcap, based on current market capitalization, both Cronos (CRO) and Monero (XMR) are part of the top 50 cryptocurrencies. But not many people know about them. And that is the beauty of cryptocurrency, especially during the bear market. When the powerhouses are falling hard, these three are alternative coins that show great potential for doing great numbers.

Alongside Cronos (CRO) and Monero (XMR), which are making waves in the cryptocurrency market, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new cryptocurrency that is taking every crypto enthusiast by storm this year. Currently, it is in its sixth stage of presale and has raised more than $8.9 million, surpassing the target of $8.4 million.

But before we look at how these cryptocurrencies are making waves in the market today, let us briefly examine them individually.

What is Cronos (CRO)? is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. However, aside from being a crypto exchange, has become a functional blockchain that hosts various applications. Cronos serves as a utility token for users to easily transact on the platform. Cronos (CRO) also gained massive traction at a time when people were looking for alternatives to the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Monero (XMR)?

This cryptocurrency is like Bitcoin as it functions as a peer-to-peer digital currency that traders can use for transactions. It ensures that the transactions are anonymous and could be classified as a digital-private currency.

What is Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a community-based token established to ensure that centralization is eradicated from the financial system. BIG is the native token; with this, users can penetrate different realms of the cryptocurrency world. An amazing aspect of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is that users can thrive in an ecosystem free from any form of centralized government.

Now, let us look at why these three cryptocurrencies are hot in the market today.

High Growth Rate

With utilizing Cronos (CRO) as a major reward system for users, there is no denying that the trading volumes will further influence the popularity of the token.

Monero (XMR), on the other hand, will continue to rise rapidly because of how securely it holds users’ information. Users can carry out transactions in any manner they please, as long as it is not fraudulent. Many people prefer to hide their financial information when transacting, and Monero (XMR) allows them to do so.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the new cryptocurrency that ensures DeFi is an attainable financial dream. Since removing centralization remains a major issue in DeFi, Big Eyes (BIG) could be the savior. Plus, users can access the most exclusive NFT events and have the rarest collections.


As much as Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the new cryptocurrency among these three, it is evident that it is one of the most suitable long-term crypto investments today. Although we cannot say whether it will surpass both Cronos (CRO) and Monero (XMR), one thing is for sure: these cryptocurrencies will be around for a long time based on the solutions they proffer.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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