Cristiano Ronaldo Launches NFT Collection on Binance

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Football star Cristiano Ronaldo is again capturing headlines this week. The latest news from the Portuguese superstar is slightly more wholesome than his recent spat with Manchester United and involves a new business venture. Ronaldo announced that on November 18th, a special collection of his own CR7 NFTs will be available for purchase on Binance. We look at this news in more detail below.

Ronaldo’s Collection has gone live

Chances are, Cristiano Ronaldo will be pleased to have something to talk about that isn’t his ongoing feud with Manchester United and its manager.

On Friday the 18th of November, the football star branched out into the world of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. With digital currency taking the world by storm over the past five years, NFTs are also heavily on the rise, representing a new and unique store of value and a way of owning customized pieces of art online. Ronaldo is the latest of several celebrities to attempt to cash in on the trend.

Known as CR7, the collection features seven animated statues, drawing on memories from the 37-year-old’s childhood, right through his career and rise to stardom. His biggest moments are covered—including, apparently, his famous childhood bike kick.

Regarding the NFT Release

Recently Ronaldo has spoken about the project, expressing his excitement and explaining his reasons behind the release.

Speaking to the media, Ronaldo said, “It was important to me that we created something memorable and unique for my fans as they are such a big part of my success, with Binance, I was able to make something that not only captures the passion of the game but rewards fans for all the years of support.”

This partnership with Ronaldo represents part of a move by the global exchange to revitalize its offering. It’s understood that Ronaldo’s collection is the first step in a multi-year agreement between the football star and the cryptocurrency platform. Before you go and buy this new NFT you can visit this Binance NFT marketplace to find a review, which will help you get tips on using the platform and all the things that you need to be aware of when indulging in an NFT venture on the platform, whether it be Ronaldo’s or one of the other collections available.

Understanding Ronaldo’s CR7 NFT Collection

A lot has changed already in the NFT space in 2022, and Ronaldo’s CR7 collection will look to add to the constantly evolving industry. For a start, the collection will come in four different levels of rarity:

  • Super Super Rare (5)
  • Super Rare (40)
  • Rare (600)
  • Normal (6000)

Initially, just the Super Super Rare and Super Rare NFTs were put up for sale, in a 24-hour auction. Bidding started at 10,000 BUSD for the Super Super Rare NFTs, and 1,700 for the Super Rare NFTs. Then, the Rare and Normal NFTs went up for sale, at a much lower price, with bidding beginning at 77 BUSD for the Normal NFTs.

Depending on an NFT’s rarity, different utilities will come with the token. These can range from personalized messages, through to signed Binance and Ronaldo merchandise, exclusive access to future NFT launches, mystery boxes and a range of different giveaways and prizes.

A second NFT drop is planned for early 2023 already. If you want to keep up with the latest NFT news and don’t miss a new collection, stay tuned here.

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