Criminals Leverage the Coronavirus to Steal Cryptocurrency Wallets


Global events, including a pandemic, tend to attract criminals looking for a quick score. Even COVID-19 is leading to new scams, primarily in an attempt to access people’s Ethereum wallet.

Criminals will use any real-world event to try and make money quickly.

New Novel Coronavirus Malware Surfaces

More often than not, their attempts will be relatively successful.

A new type of cryptocurrency-related scam is becoming apparent.

Russian criminals sell interactive maps related to the novel coronavirus.

Once people view a website hosting such a map, they are at risk of having their Ethereum wallet getting compromised.

It appears that this approach coincides with an increased interest in NFTs and collapsing cryptocurrency prices.

As everyone wants to keep tabs on the novel coronavirus, they will often consult different resources. 

This will allow for criminals to take full advantage of this situation.

By actively seeking out cryptocurrency users, criminals do not shift their focus of attention all that much. 

There has been an ongoing correlation between criminals and cryptocurrency for some time now.

Other targets for this new malware are Steam accounts and the Telegram desktop app.

What the exact purpose of attacking those Telegram users is, remains to be determined at this time.

There is no indication that anyone has lost money due to this particular malware. 

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