Criminals Deface the Trump Campaign Website to Solicit Monero Donations


As the US Presidential election draws near, odd things are bound to happen. President Trump had his campaign website defaced for half an hour. Those who successfully gained access to the platform were greeted with Monero-related content. 

The Trump Campaign Website Gets Defaced

it is not entirely uncommon to see hackers get involved in the upcoming US Presidential election. Some sources claim Russia and perhaps even North Korea will help Trump win. Others are worried that more malware attacks will be executed against US companies. Both concerns are extremely valid and worrisome. Cybersecurity remains a big issue, especially in the United States. 

Keeping all of that in mind, the attack against the Trump campaign website is not entirely surprising. Someone, or a group of individuals, defaced the website successfully. It appeared as if the domain name was seized by law enforcement agencies. 

The incident only lasted for about 30 minutes, but the damage has been done. As part of the defacement, there was a message pertaining to Monero. More specifically, the hackers aim to solicit donations in cryptocurrency. The funds has nothing to do with supporting Trump, however, Instead, it was about apparently sharing data of unknown origin. 

For the time being, there is no real update on the situation. The Trump website is fully operational again, yet worry remains in place. According to the hackers, they gained access to “multiple devices” capable of compromising Donald Trump. What that means exactly, is anyone’s guess. Rest assured the political games have only just begun. 

A Coronavirus Angle

While no one knows what condemning information may leak over the coming weeks and months, there are other concerns. In their message, the hackers mention the coronavirus. More specifically, they claim how the Trump administration has a hand in the origins of the virus. A very bold claim that has not been backed up by any evidence, so far. 

Following this incident, rumors regarding election-related hacking will only grow stronger. Numerous foreign powers may be looking to get involved in the action. What role they will play exactly – if any – remains undetermined. North Korea and Russia do not appear to be the only potential “allies”. Iran is another country worth keeping an eye on. Any matopm dealing with US sanctions may try to set the record straight, by any means necessary. 

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