Cowen Inc. Is The Latest U.S. Bank To Shutter Its Crypto Division

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As the United States regulatory landscape toughens its stance on cryptocurrencies, another financial establishment retreats from the digital assets market. The boutique investment bank, Cowen Inc., recently closed its crypto asset unit, reflecting a growing apprehension among financial institutions concerning the opacity of the current regulatory environment.

The Closure of Cowen’s Crypto Asset Unit

According to a Bloomberg report, Cowen Inc. announced the cessation of operations at its digital asset unit. This move follows the bank’s acquisition by TD Bank Group, a leading player in North America’s financial sector, in March. The timing of the closure suggests a causal link, marking a significant shift in business strategy.

The digital asset unit of Cowen was inaugurated merely a year ago to facilitate institutional clients in investing across 16 cryptocurrency assets. This branch’s abrupt discontinuation further amplifies the industry’s prevalent wariness.

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While the team at Cowen expressed their unwavering belief in the importance of reliable partners who comprehend institutional investors’ needs, the services they intend to offer won’t be under the TD Bank umbrella. They intended to continue striving to meet these requirements, albeit from a different platform.

The Ripple Effect on American Financial Firms

The decision taken by Cowen Digital has added to a burgeoning trend of U.S. financial establishments distancing themselves from Bitcoin and its counterparts.

In May’s last week, news broke about the Digital Currency Group (DCG) deciding to shutter its prime brokerage subsidiary, TradeBlock. The firm cited the sluggish state of the broader economy, the protracted crypto winter, and the challenging U.S. regulatory environment for digital assets as key factors in their decision.

Moreover, two of the world’s leading market-making firms abandoned their plans for crypto trading earlier in May. Jane Street Group stated that ambiguous regulations made meeting internal business operating standards strenuous. Jump Trading reiterated this sentiment, announcing its decision to abandon U.S. markets for crypto trading.

Crypto Industry Giants Looking Overseas

Despite the hostile environment, some larger entities in the crypto industry, such as Coinbase, Gemini, and Galaxy Digital, have maintained a U.S. presence while expanding overseas. As the U.S. intensifies its scrutiny of cryptocurrencies, it is plausible that more will follow suit.

The escalating crackdown on cryptocurrencies in the U.S. has begun to affect the decisions of financial institutions. As the crypto industry and regulatory bodies grapple with the evolving landscape, it remains to be seen how the sector will adapt and evolve in the face of these challenges.

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