Could Ethereum, Sandbox, and Big Eyes Coin Do 10x In The Next Bull Run?


Many investors are wondering which coins have the potential to deliver strong returns in the next bull run. Ethereum ($ETH), Sandbox ($SAND), and Big Eyes Coin ($BIG) are all crypto assets that have generated buzz and interest among investors in recent times. But could these coins potentially do 10X or more in the next bull run?

In this article, we’ll explore the potential of Ethereum, Sandbox, and Big Eyes Coin to deliver significant gains and what factors might influence their performance.

Ethereum (ETH): Giant Cryptocurrency Still A Must-Have In Portfolios

Ethereum is a revolutionary blockchain platform that has changed how we think about decentralized technology. Its smart contract capabilities and decentralized application platform have opened up a world of possibilities for developers and users alike.

At the heart of Ethereum is Ether, a digital currency that powers the entire network. With Ether, you can pay for transactions, access resources, and execute smart contracts on the Ethereum network. It’s like the fuel that keeps the Ethereum engine running.

Since its launch in 2015, Ethereum has taken the world by storm, gaining widespread adoption and market capitalization in the billions. It’s no wonder that many people are excited about the potential of Ether and Ethereum to deliver strong returns in the future.

Sandbox (SAND): Gaming Meets Crypto

Sandbox is a decentralized platform that allows players to create, share, and monetize their own gaming experiences using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Sandbox is a metaverse that enables players to explore, interact, and participate in various gaming experiences created by the community.

Sandbox is built on the Ethereum blockchain, home to many successful NFT projects. As NFTs continue to gain popularity and mainstream adoption, Sandbox could benefit from the hype and see an increase in value.

Plus, the gaming industry is enormous and growing. It is a behemoth that shows no signs of slowing down. So, as more players discover Sandbox and its unique offering, it could tap into this massive market and drive growth. Additionally, Sandbox is not just a gaming platform. It is a metaverse – a virtual world where players can interact, create, and participate in various experiences. As more and more people discover the potential of the metaverse, Sandbox could see growth in value as it establishes itself as a leader in this space.

Overall, Sandbox would be an exciting opportunity for those looking to be a part of the future of gaming and the metaverse.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Why Next Generation Meme Coin Will Reach Upper Rankings

Big Eyes Coin is an intriguing cat-themed meme coin set to disrupt the meme coin category. It is created to be a community-focused token that will help onboard new users into blockchain technology. Big Eyes is also set to make a better place to live in.

It is approaching service to the world as it believes humans depend on each other. So, why not make a contribution? Of course, Big Eyes can’t change the world single-handedly. Hence, it is leveraging charity organizations to reach its goals. Big Eyes has set up apart a charity wallet that holds 5% of its total tokens. Also, 10% of every tax on its NFT sales will go to the charity wallet.

A big part of Big Eyes’ plans is NFTs. It will create beautiful digital cat things that are available as NFTs. Users can purchase them for keepsakes or for their potential to increase in value. To facilitate the growth of its NFTs, a club called Sushi Crew will be created. At the Sushi Crew, members can mint and trade NFTs. However, NFT trades are subject to a 10% tax. This tax will be distributed to a charity wallet, other users, and the original creator.

Unlike NFTs, there will be no tax on the Big Eyes utility token, BIG. You can learn more about the unique tokenomics on the Big Eyes website.

By using the code, you will be getting a 200% bonus on your purchase! To clarify further, when you purchase $10 worth of Big Eyes using the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 it will show as 30$ (200% bonus) on the buy page. If they do not reach an additional 12 million by the end of January, the Big Eyes team will continue the pre-sale as normal. The community recently has rallied around this promising code, and it’s fully expected to launch early this year.

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